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'Death' Section in Newspapers

All of the depressing information could be moved to one section.
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In reading news web sites and newspapers I'm finding more and more a propensity of the news gathering organizations to rely on the reporting of tragic events. Wars, famine, plane crashes, drive-by shootings, children hit by cars, spousal abuse, etc., are plastered all over the place. Reporting this information doesn't seem to stop these types of things from happening so what's the point? Lurid curiosity?

It would be nice if all of that depressing information, basically anything involving human tragedy, was moved into one section labeled the 'Death' section. USA Today has it's 'Life' section. It could also have a 'Death' section.

This way an average person like myself who gets bummed out by the constant barrage of non-life-affirming info could still get a feel for the news of the world without finding themselves curled up in a ball in the corner.

dgeiser13, Nov 14 2000

Good News Network http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/
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       Enlarge the Classifieds from a 'wanted' section to a 'Most wanted' section, too, in and out of the papers. For instance, known gang members could be clustered with items for under $50. Deadbeat dads share posting space with items for free.
reensure, Nov 14 2000

       Ever wonder why the newspaper sometimes puts the obituaries in the "Living" section?
Lizzie9208, Nov 28 2000

       Ya know, if we news types did that, the paper would be mighty lopsided. ;)
arghblah, Feb 08 2001

       There are two kinds of bad news. One, things that actually have an impact on other things. Two, just bullcrap that adds nothing to our understanding of the world, even if we know about it. Put the latter in a Negative Bullcrap section. You could also have a Positive Pullcrap section. Then a section of the news that really matters.
Vance, Feb 14 2001

       Seems like no one here has seen a hardcopy newspaper from Asia. In the classified advertisements there are large, full photograph advertisements announcing the death/ funeral/ memory of significant people. The advertisements list the 'accomplishments' of the person, an invitation to join in rejoicing a life well-lived.
gz, May 03 2001

       Our Sunday newspaper sometimes puts the obituaries in the Sports section. Go figure.
TeaTotal, Nov 23 2001

       Or for more (or less) revenue for the newspaper... split the good news/bad news into entirely different prints of the paper...   

       "The Morning Bad News Herald"   

       where would it stop? [-]
xxobot, Jul 07 2008

       Most Australian papers already do this. There's the section called "News" where actual events affecting the world are.   

       And two sections "Sports" and "Lifestyle" for all of the crud that people would like to read to make their day less boring.   

       Unfortunately, bad news is still news. When you don't want to be depressed, do what I do. Stick to the comics.
reap, Jul 07 2008

       And... in the Middle East today... nothing happened. Move along.
Cedar Park, Jul 08 2008

       There's a newspaper in this country called 'Positive News', which only has good news in it. I find it problematic because the concept of what is positive is highly subjective and i'm not keen on it.
nineteenthly, Jul 08 2008

       That's a bit creepy. It seems a bit 1984 to me.
Jinbish, Jul 08 2008


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