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Here are my quarter baked ideas, waiting for me to flesh them out:

Preheat air for a biomass gasifiyer, using a heat exchanger between the intake air and generated gas.

Cross a dustmop with a cotton gin and a bissel floor sweeper.

Flat spiral CFL for floodlights

Compressed air hover furniture (or hover dolly)

"Failed Scan Count" If credic car scanners counted the number of failed scans before a successful scan, & the card issuer collected that info, they could detect worn out cards, & issue replacements.

"Bipartisan campaign signs" To reduce vandalism of political campaign signs, make signs which support both candidates.

RGB Flash for cellular microscopy (less heat, less damage to cells being photographed)

Extra slow escalators (along side stairs), to encourage people to take the stairs (and thus get some exercise), while still allowing them to ride the escalator if necessary.

Use & discard LED laser bullets -- LEDs/SEDs.

Thermoacoustic Turbine Engine

Half a cup of coffee - semicircular curved ceramic portion, flat glass portion.

Tow-behind biochar kiln, to be attached to combine harvester. Crop wastes which would normally be shredded and spread, to rot on the field, would instead be charred (and quenched) first, then spread on the field.

Supply oven for cooking food with pure oxygen, instead of regular air.

Cyclone separator for dryer lint removal

Collar lifter, allows warm air to escape shirt (for summer use)

Solar Powered Clock (PV & capacitor, or steam & weights)

Enhanced extraction from grape must by RO & water circulation. Result: less water in the liquid to be fermented.

Carousel Store signage -- aisle numbers, and lists of what's in each store aisle, go all the way around each cylindrical sign. This allows more text in a small area.

"Forever" respirator -- uses PSA gas separation to remove one specific chemical from a stream of air from the atmosphere. The chemical separated is discarded/destroyed/stored, the rest of the air is breathed.

Musak with memory. A pay radio station encrypts and transmits it's music, the reciever decrypts and stores it internally. If a thunderstorm or other EM disturbance disrupts the signal, music is played from the appropriate segment of the recording.

Small, cheap timer/alarm, with multi-week snooze button. Stick onto the HVAC air filter, etc..

Turntable coffee stirrer. Put coffee in cup on turntable, spin until coffee almost overtops sides of cup, reverse direction of spin; repeat as desired.

Cyclonic filter for household air purifier.

E-Ink children's blocks.

Remote control water heater thermostat -- this on-demand heater produces hot water that's no hotter than the hottest faucet/appliance which is using hot water, by asking each faucet/whatever what temperature is desired.

Vibration canceling motion sensor. This allows a fan to turn on if there's motion in the room, and more importantly, turn off when it's the only thing moving in the room.

Laminate newspaper as construction material -- recycled car?

Custom packed assortment

Reduce invasive species in shipping -- sterilize the ballast water.

Lego physcis engine - 2D & 3D versions

Milk in glass bottles, with empty/full exchange in supermarket. Similar to delivery, minus delivery fee.

Multi-company glass bottle size & shape standardization, to allow sterilization & reuse, rather than crushing & recycling.

Capsicum pepper pill -- as a "chill pill" to increase blood flow to skin, and make one cooler (summer use).

soap foam filled torus heat engine

Pop rock coffee sweetener -- you can hear when the sugar's dissolved.

Gradual start / stop for economic incentive programs -- if the money tapers off, instead of being cut off, there won't be quite so much of a rush as the deadline approaches, so the computer server's won't be inundated.

Aerodynamic homes lose less heat.

mono-symptom cold medicine system -- a set of compatible medicines, each of which treats a few disease symptoms. Each one has fewer side effects than a "treats it all" medicine.

Continuously variable home heating/cooling. Not just off/on, nor even off/low/high, but any setting at all between off and high. Possibly combined with a PID controller or adaptive system, to maintain home temperature exactly.

Home hydronic fridge/freezer, with a water cooled, not air cooled, refrigerant condenser. Waste heat is either distributed through house or disposed of outside (or disposed of into a geothermal loop).

Adaptive learning automatic door. Opens when people are entering/leaving, not merely walking across it's line of site. Opens just early enough for the doors to be out of the way of the person walking through -- if someone is moving slowly, they open when he gets close; if he's moving quickly, they open earlier.

Revolving storm door -- swap screens for glass in the summer.

Variable speed revolving door panels. This allows a four panel door to have a wider entrance and exit, or allows a three panel door.

Oversized revolving door, with appropriate sensors, motors, etc., to allow shopping carts through.

[Dec 22 2008, last modified Jan 06 2010]

(+2) 🥐 Unicode bun for ideas
(+1) 2.5D Video Conferencing
(+1, -2) 4 stroke hybrid
(+2) Absolute Pressure Cooker
(+1, -2) AC Economizer
(+2) Acoustic Gas Compressor / Expander
(+3) Active Heat Pipe
(+3) Adaptable Flyer Ticket
(+7, -1) Air tethered kite
(+3, -1) Airtight Engine Bay
(+12)(+12) Algae Firelogs
(+9)(+9) Algae oil augmented biogas digester
(+4) Alge Oil Extraction
(+1) Almost-Carnot Heat Engine
(+1, -3) Alternating Current Car
(+13)(+13) Amorphous Race
(+2) Annulus-less Epicyclic Gear
(+3, -1) Anti-Anti-Antioxidant milk for tea
(+5, -1) AnyTemp Coffee Dispenser
(+1) Arched Water Fountain Display
(+11, -1)(+11, -1) Au naturel car finish
(+9)(+9) Audible Coffee Sweetener
(+3, -1) Auto-download voicemail
(+2, -1) AutoCaf
(+2, -1) Automatic automobile battery charging dock
(+2, -1) Automatic Coffee Stirrer
(+6, -1) Automatic Dieseling Air Gun
(+1) Automatic Ice Punch
 Automatic Inflatable Audience
(+1) Automatic Traffic Breaker
 Automatically plugging car system
(+3) Autosterogram FPS
 Axial Cam Engine
(+2) Back and Forth Osmosis Desalination
(+4, -1) Backyard Biochar
(+3, -5) bag scale
(+2, -4) Balancing Monowheel
(+4) Balancing Trailer
(+4, -1) Balancing without controlling wheel speed
(-1) Balloon Engine
(+3, -1) Batteryless Electric Vehicle
(+2) Belt Safe Wallet
(+4) Better CRI Lamp
(+4, -1) Better Drink Concentrates
(+5) Bicycle Car Tires
(+3) Blind Navigator
(+18)(+18) Blond Chocolate
(+1, -2) Boiled Gas Hybrid
(+1, -3) Boiling Cold Computer
(+6) Bottle Refilling Vending Machine
(-1) Bottled Ice Cream
 Camera Only Automated Speed Trap
(+2) Captured Plug CFL Ballast
 Carpeted Conveyor
(+4, -1) Ceiling light air freshener
(-2) Ceimba
 Cellophane powered dehumidifier
(+8, -1) Central Mouse Trap
(+4) Centralia Steam Power?
(+11, -1)(+11, -1) Centralized Hairdrying
(+1) Charcoal Two Ways
 Circular Rolling Door
 Clear Insulated Pitcher
(-2) Cloud Nine Cruises
(+4) Cold Mechanical Steam Compression Dryer
(+2) Cold Superheated Steam Food Dehydrator
(+3) Color Changing Dimming LED lamp
 Colored Delivery Labels
(+2, -1) Combined AC / HRV
(+3) Combined Portable Fridge Air Conditioner
(+2) Concentrated Smoke BBQ
(+3) Condensing Water Heater Improvment
(+2) Condensing Wood Stove
(+4) Confused Cycle Engine
(+3) Conveyer Belt Coffee Brewer
(+2, -1) Countertop Pressure Popper
(+3, -5) Cream Cheese Foam
(+3, -6) Criminal Custard Curtain
(+3) Crystal Clear Microwave Oven Door
(+2, -3) Cyborg Motorcycle
(+17, -1)(+17, -1) Cylindrical Pizza
(+2) Dehumidification Engine
(+3, -2) Delete link/anno confirmation
(+5) Descending Clock
(-3) Desiccant assisted AC
(+6) Desiccant Car Dehumidifier
 Desiccant Clothesdryer
(+3) Diesel Fueled Firearm
(+1) Differential thermostat ventilator/AC
(+8)(+8) Digitally Watermarked Alarm Sound
(+7, -2) Disappearing ink bug spray
(+5, -3) Don't heat package warning
 Double Bot ballbot
(+1) Double combustion charcoal grill
 Double Fuel Cell Car
(+2, -1) Double Octothorpe Engine
(+3, -1) Draw Catch Shoe Buckles
(+1) Dry Steam Dehumidifer
(+2) Dual Heat Recovery Engine
 Dual Opposed Propeller Helicopter
(+5) E-Bike Range Extender
(+2, -1) Economizing Pressure Regulator
(+7) Edible Internet Cafe
(+1) Eductor assisted multi-stage distillation
 Election Where Everybody Wins
(+2) Electric Absorbtion Chiller
(+1, -4) Electricity Cost on Package
(+4, -2) Enclosed CFL
(+3, -2) Entropy Exchange Dehumidifyer
(+2, -1) Ergonomic Laptop
(+4, -2) Escalator Slinky
(+2) Estimated time until open parking space display
(+4) Expanded stickers
 Exploding Algae
 Extreme Climate Heat Pump
(+4, -2) Extreme Climate thermal rebreather
 Fan with Flettner Rotor impeller
(+4, -1) female mosquito tracker
(+10)(+10) Fiber Optic Oven Light
(+2) Fireplace Absorbtion AC
 Floating Astronomic Observatory
(+5) Fluidized Bed Blast Cooker
(+2) Fluidized Bed Soluble Coffee Granules
(+5) Foetris
(+3) Forward Osmosis Concentrator
(+5, -1) Free Energy Driveway Deicing
(+10, -3) Fresnel sheet reflector
(+5, -2) Fuel Air Gun
 Fuel Cooled 6 Stroke Engine
(+3) Fuel Efficient Stove
(+10, -1)(+10, -1) Fuller Fog Gun
(+2, -1) Fully on-demand TV
(+3) Gas Pop-Up toaster
 Gecko Grip Tires
(+4) Geothermal ice cream
(+1) Geothermal Regenerative Heat Exchanger
(+3) Gift/Credit Card Consolidator
 Glass Cave
(+7) Gravity Torus Heat Engine
(+2) Gray Chocolate
 Gun with separate propellant magazine
(+3) Gyrobike Roller Coaster
 Harrier Hovercraft
(+2) HCCI Steam Hybrid
(-3) Heat/AC combo
(+8)(+8) Heat Organ
(+1, -2) Heat Pipe Geoengineering
(+3) Heat powered heat pump
(-1) Heat Pump Oven
 Heat Pump Pyrolysis
(+2) Hex Tower Defense
(+10)(+10) High Contrast Camera
(+1) High Energy Wood Gasifier
(+6, -3) Historical Package Month
(+11)(+11) Home Cold Reservoir
(+1) Home Heat Reservoir
(-4) Hot air hybrid
(+1) Hot Artificial Water
(+5, -2) Hot Power Legos
 Humidifying Furnace
(+1) Hybrid Absorption Compression Chiller
(+3) Hybrid Dicycle
(+3) Hybrid Electric Sail Car
(+1) Hybrid Hydrogen Recycling
(+1) Hybrid Light Fixture
(+1) Hybrid Railgun Ram Accelerator
(+3) Hydraulic Motor Pallet Jack
(+2, -1) Hydraulic Power Mat
(+3, -1) Hydraulic Series Hybrid Gas Turbine
(+3, -1) Hydroacoustic AC Generator
(-2) Hydrogen Power From Hydrothermal
(+2, -1) Hydronic Enertia House
(+2) Hydrothermal Updraft Tower
(+3) Hypertext phone service
(+6) Ice cooled swirly straw
(+9)(+9) Ice Cream Injector
(+8)(+8) Impossible kinetic toy car
(+3) Indoor Solar Clothes Dryer
(+1) infinite overdrive
(+6) Infinite Waterwheel
(+3) Injector Cooling version 2
 Injector Ejector Cooling
(-1) Inline Wheel Automobile
 Inside impinged rotary engine
(+2, -10)(+2, -10) Instant Alcohol
(+5) Instant Tinting Glasses
(+4) Inversi
(+4) Jello Aerogel
(+2) Jet Stream Powered Kite Turbines + Power Beaming
(+7, -1) Key Cutting Vending Machine
(+3, -1) Key Decoration
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) Kitchen Centrifuge
(+4, -2) Laser Guided Car
(+1, -3) Laser Pointer
(+4) Light Source Heat Pump
(+1) Lighted Coffeemaker Water Window
(+4, -2) Lightning Powered Rail Gun
(+5) Lightning Rod Power Generation
(+4) Linear Motor Kinetic Sculpture
(+10)(+10) Liquid Elevator Counterweight
 Liquid Elevator Counterweight 2
(+33)(+33)(+33) Live Salad Bar
 Low-energy Automobile HVAC
(+4) Low Thermal Mass Lenses
(+2, -1) Lung Engine
 Magnetic Roller on Cycloid Clock
(+7, -1) Magnetically Assembled Automobile
(+1, -3) Magnus Effect Compressor
(+2) Magnus Effect Wing Body UAV
(+4, -1) Maker Shopping Center
(+3) Mecanum Motorcycle
(+7, -2) Mechanical Car Compass
(+4) Mechanically Interlaced Display
(+1) Metal Hydride Regenerator
(+4) Metal Mesh Duct Tape
(+4) Micro APU Micro Hybrid Car
(+5) Microwave Thermos
(+5, -2) Mine Fuel From the Sea
 Mini Ice Cream Cakes
(+3) Mixed Cycle Desalination
 Mono-Turbine Tornado Generator
(+2, -1) Multi Instrument to Midi
(+3) Multiprogram Multioutlet Timer
(+5, -1) Neighborhood Updraft Tower
(+4) No Toxic Primer Gun
 Non-electric cogeneration
(+1) Non Energy Vampire Remote
(+3, -2) Non Hydraulic Torque Converter
(-1) Non-intermittent water softener
(+1) Non positive displacement piston pump
(+2) O-ring bottle top
(+3) Onboard Gasoline Distiller & Mixer
(+2) Opposed Piston Radial Engine
(+7, -2) Optionally Diet Soda Fountain
(+1) Oscillating Puzzle Clock
 Osmotic Humidity Pump
(+6) Osmotic Steam Condenser
(+4) Paint Sheen Additive
(+6, -2) Parking Lot Heliostat
(+7) Patterned Paint
(+13)(+13) Pentahedral Balloon Dome
 Percolating Hydroelectric Generator
 Phoneless headset
(+3, -1) Phonetic Compression
(+2) Photocell feedback dimmer for LEDs
(+5) Photosynthesizing Acidophile Bioenergy
(+10, -2)(+10, -2) Piezo Engine Mounts
(+2) Pin-wheel Lock
 Plastic Recycling in an actual Internal Combustion Engine.
(+2) Plunger Friendly Toilet
(-5)(-5) Point Source Sound Nullifier
(+2, -1) Polarized Theater Effects
 Portable Electric Steam Radiator
 Portable Heliostat
 Portable Liq. Desiccant Dehumidifiyer
(-9)(-9) Power Generating Treadmill
(+5) Power Saving Charger
 Preheated six stroke engine
(+5) Pressure Activated Heated Carpet
(+12)(+12) Proactive Automobile Suspension
(+17)(+17) "Pull Only" door
(+2) Pumpkin Reduction
(+2) Pumpless Geothermal Cooling
(+2) Pyrex Flavorizer Bars
(+3) Pyrolytic Plastic Recycling in a Fire Syringe
(+2) Quieter Microwave
(+5) Random Orbit Persistence of Vision display
(+5) Ratcheting doorknob prank
(+4) Real Icicle Lights
(+14)(+14) Real Rainbow Sandbox
(+5, -1) Regenerative BBQ Starter
(+2) Regulated Luminosity Lamp
 Retail Q&A AI
(+1, -2) Reverse Absorbtion Heat Pump
(+3) Reverse Osmosis Dehumidifyer
(+2, -3) Reverse PSA Engine
(+12, -4)(+12, -4) RGB Flash Camera
(-3) RichBall
 Rotary Vernier scale caliper.
(+6, -3) Segcar
(+3, -1) SegWii
 Self Balancing Tricycle
 Self Docking Car Heater
(+1) Self steaming grill
(+4) Shoe heater
 Silly String Mulch
(+1) Simple(ish) solar road deicier
(+3) Single Pixel Camera Variant
(+2) Slow Release Slow Drain Opener
(+2) Small absorbtion chiller
(+1, -2) Smelloscope
(+4) Solar/Antisolar Heating/cooling
(+2) Solar Bubble Pool Heater
 Solar Bubble Pump Engine
(+4) Solar LED Bug Zapper
(+5) Solar steam hot water system
(+5) Solar Thermal Depolymerization
(-4) Solar Water Gas
(+7, -1) Solid ink pen
 Sound Source Locator
 Spark Plug Capacitance
(+2) Spinning Heatsink LED Lamp
(+8)(+8) Spinny Shoes
(+2) Split Cycle Wankel Engine
(+4, -2) Sponge Pump
(+3, -1) Sprayable Charcoal
 Statistically Normalized Transposition Cipher
(+1, -3) Steam Diesel Engine
 Steam Injector Pump
 Stirling Racecar
(+9)(+9) Stovetop Instant Hot Water
(+14)(+14) Sublime engine
(+4) Suit Shaped Cedar Moth Repellent
 Super Hydrophobic Honey Jar
(+9)(+9) Super-micro printer
 Super wet steam engine
(+5, -1) SuperSize Soap Pump
(+2, -1) Suspended Wind Turbine
(+7, -2) tandem recumbent hydraulic
(+1, -2) Tankless Gas Point Of Use Heater
(+1) Tempering valve percolator
(+2, -1) Tesla Turbine Fan
(+1) Theft resistant in-bike storage container
(+3) Thermal hydroelectric
(+2, -1) Thermoacoustic Cooling
(+1, -3) Thermoelectric LED
(+4) Thermoelectric Toast
 Three Player Hex
(+2) Through the wall dehumidifyer
(-1) TiO2 Solar Catalytic Converter
(+2) Tire Inflation Manifold
(+9)(+9) Toroidal Lava Lamp
(+4) Tracked Sun Visor
 Transverse wave gas compressor
(+2) True Bagel Pizza hybrid
 True Universal Phone Holder
(+4) Tuned Mass Damper Hubcap air pump
(+2) Tuned Turbine Engine
(+8, -2) Turbo Amplified Bike
 Ultrasound Horn
(+14)(+14) Umbraloon
(+5) Undersea MHD Generator
(+1) Universal Gripper Robotic Feet
(+5, -1) Unlimited Water Injection
(+2) Unpickable Untensionable Lock
 Up and down car door
(+3) Urban Solar Concentrator
(+3, -1) UV Fluorescent HUD
(+4, -2) vacuum clothesdryer
(-1) Vacuum Clothesdryer 2
(+2) Vacuum Clothesdryer 3
 Vacuum Engine
(+4, -2) Vacuum Garbage Dryer
(+2) Vacuum Membrane Dehumidifier
 Vacuum Reducer 2
(+1) Vacuum Reducer 3
 Valveless Rotary Engine
(+4) Variable dilution spray
(+2) Variable Recirculation Throttle Replacement
(+3) Variable Sized Sugars
(+8)(+8) Variable Stroke Count Engine
(+3, -2) Vertical Axis Pinwheel
 Virtual Second Display
(+6) Voice to MIDI
 Wakefullness thermostat
(+5) Walking Box
(+9)(+9) Weeping Angel Digital Picture Frame
(+6, -1) What If x Ceased To Exist?
(+1) Wheel-less ball bot
(+7) Window AC Generator
(+2, -3) Window Cling Registration
(-4) Windshield Wash Concentrate
(+2) Wood Gasifier Steam Engine
(+4, -1) Woodgas Limelight
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) WTC Farm

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