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Halfbakery: [] creates a link

Users should be alerted to when other users say [user1]
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When someone enters an annotation and wants to reply to someone else's annotation, we'd like them to be able to ask a question and ensure that the other user comes back to see the question.

Let's say user1 said something, user2 wants to ask for clarification; he could write "[user1] what does X mean?"

This would increase the communication here. We could have a parser scanning each annotation for square brackets around an account name, and give that account a link to the idea with an annotation mentioning it. So [jutta]'s attention would be called to this idea.

Add a link in the "account:" section, "mentioned in", for people to see where they're being talked about/to.

This way each individual would be fed ideas related to ideas they had posted. Yet one more way to mine this database.

Thing 1

Thing 1, Aug 13 2000


       [reensure] -- I think that deletions should be retained. The process of deleting should actually be a process of retracting, not deleting -- once you've said something publicly, it's been said.   

       I envision a sort of CVS for ideas -- when someone either edits or deletes their ideas or annotations, it'll save the previous version and the most recent version will be what is displayed for everyone to read.   

       However, there will also be a "history" link for each idea and annotation, so users who are interested in the history can see it, and see the thought processes behind the mind(s) that shaped the ideas.   

       The impetus behind my idea is to help move this database toward being self-aware -- with all of this data in the database, it becomes much easier to create original ideas, based on the patterns we see as individuals help shape each others' ideas.   

       I hope [jutta] is listening. If so, please respond -- I'm interested in making a donation.   

       Thing 1
Thing 1, Aug 13 2000

       Why make this so complex? A simple Search function would enable you to seach for your own name and find all the listings.
blahginger, Aug 13 2000

       Ah, but if I had called my account name here the same as my IRC nick, it would be 'Det'. Any search for this syllable would turn up all annotations/ideas with any number of words I'm not concerned with, eg. detail/s/ing/ed... And no, I'm not changing my account name :P
Detly, Nov 13 2000


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