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Digital Auto Banner (DAB)

Digital Auto Banner in the rear car window can be changed to driver's preference
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This item would could both really help and probably exacerbate ROAD RAGE. With the great inexpensive and advanced technology that we have, you would think that someone would have already invented a small scrolling digital banner to place in the rear windows of autos. Just like the annoying little "baby on board" stick ups or the stupid stuffed Garfields or the innane bumperstickers on the back of some autos, the DAB (Digital Auto Banner) would be just the gadget to silently send your message to all the fellow drivers sharing the road. There should be some preprogrammed statements or sayings that could be shown at the touch of a button. The DAB should be programmable to display any message in a scrolling fashion. Imagination running wild, you you could communicate your feelings and describe others with much more detail and aplomb than just flicking them off. Of course hurling obscenities at the idiot tailgater behind you will probably will not make him go away but at least you will feel better until he pulls out a gun and shoots you. (Sorry, I live in LA and must be realistic.)
echeung, Dec 27 2000

Inter-car communication http://www.halfbake...car_20communication
Thanks for that annotation [waugsqueke] - I knew there was a link to that little scrolling display somewhere on the HalfBakery but I honestly couldn't remember where it was... [hippo, Dec 27 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

http://www.motionled.com/ $150-$400, remote control input, powered by lighter, stores 9 or more messages. [jutta, Oct 15 2005]


       Yes...and it will make it much easier to sell your car if you would be one prone to putting offensive bumper stickers on your tailgate instead...
Qualiall, Dec 27 2000

       As noted above, with one comment regarding living in L.A., I got shot at on the 10 Eastbound @ Fairfax. Found the bullet which penetrated passenger rear window, lodged above and to the forward of my head at post. Missed my head by 2 inches. Bullet will be made into a lovely necklace someday. If I had a rear display, it would have said "I flashed my high beams at you once because you nearly totalled my car. So get over it."
thumbwax, Dec 28 2000

       My wife and I on our honeymoon had a BetaBrite sign in the back window of our rental car. [flashing] CAUTION   

       [scroll] HONEYMOONERS ON BOARD   

       [fade 1]Sweeties now   

       [fade 2]Sweeties forever   

       ['snow']JBP [heart] DEP
supercat, Dec 30 2000

       I've wanted one of these for some time. I thought of lots of things that I would like to "say:"   

       Your blinker is on.   


       Blinkers signal INTENT, they do not ask permission.   

       So long and thanks for all the fish.   

       I have new socks on.   

       Various poems - slowly scroll through several lines   

       Short stories (for long trips)   

       Can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man . . .   

       If your wife/significant other had one, you could put messages in it for them such as:   

       Pretty Woman Inside   

       Occupant happily married   

       If anyone finds one for sale, I'd buy it right away.
troyrock, Jun 02 2004

       I had this same idea.   

       "get off my ass"   

       "your left blinker has been on for 10 minutes"
knowtion, Mar 11 2009

       Bond, Jimmy Bond   


       Bond, Jim Bond   


       Bond, .. James Bond
popbottle, Mar 21 2015

       " Go ahead, show me how it's done "
normzone, Mar 21 2015


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