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How's My Driving Now?

Realtime updates as to what others think about your driving skills
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"How's My Driving Now" is a device that mounts inside of your car with a keyboard and a screen that permits you to inform other drivers or to be informed by other drivers as to good or bad driving.

Each participant in the HMDN will have a bumper sticker or a decal with their ID number. Simply key in the ID number of that vehicle and send him a friendly reminder of his poor driving practices. Likewise if they perform an act of courtesy like allowing you to merge into traffic, you can send a kind "thank you" to that vehicle. So when you accidentally get distracted at a green light and you hold up the traffic, rather than getting a series of dirty looks and obsene gesture waves, you can now get your complaints through your HMDN unit.

Jscotty, Dec 09 2005

Hows my driving dot com www_2ehowsmydriving_20_2ecom
Rate other drivers online, a website. Poof, the crash destroyed its croissants, though [DesertFox, Dec 09 2005]


       You can't tell from the insults screamed at you?!   

       But isn't this really just another car-to-car messaging system, which we already have way too many of around here?
DrCurry, Dec 09 2005

       10:4 Good buddy!
DrBob, Dec 09 2005

       Ooh...sounds like a job for RFID! Meh...I feel automotive user interfaces are already too complicated. It might be worth considering if it was controlled completely by speech recognition.
ed, Dec 09 2005


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