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Digital photos mapped to physical photoalbums

Digital photos in paper photoablums #1
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Digital print remain to be expensive to be printed on photopaper and users usually have no background knowledge that such a print can be received.

On the other side users value paper photoalbums, because they have a feeling that photos are physical objects and also viewing together paper photoalbum is a well-known social interaction between people.

The idea is to merge the best features of digital and paper photos into one system. For example, only thumbnail index of digital pictures can be printed on te paper and index can be inserted into the common album and become tangible interface to view enlarged copies of pictures on the wall.

panda, Sep 23 2002

MediaBridge http://www.digimarc...ABRIDGE/default.asp
Linking pictures to computers [dweeb, Oct 04 2004]


       How will they become a tangible interface to the digital images?
bristolz, Sep 23 2002

       Sounds to me like you're describing a photo album that has a projector in the binding (within the large binding ring space, maybe?) The album can be opened for viewing while the folk gathered select thumbnails to project.   

       Fine, I like the idea. I really tire of the mausoleum effect produced by a quarter-wall of photo albums, and I think TV is the logical next social arena for picture browsing. Combine the passbook and the TV interface and I think you'll score a hit.
reensure, Sep 23 2002

       I'm voting for, on the stipulation that in addition to the wall-mounted display which can (wirelessly I assume) retrieve the high-res images from the album, the idea should also include the entire album being printed in digital ink, so that a thumbnail (or multiple) can be pressed and viewed at page-size, with the image changing on the page. Thus, one album with new digital pictures always being added, that can be viewed in the album, on the computer, or on the wall. (Or, sent to friends, etc.)
jamesontv, Feb 10 2003

       I'm doing a thesis at the moment and I'm looking at the social interaction of the family looking at their photo album together. The idea is to extend this interaction so that both physical and digital photographs can be viewed simultaneously. I was thinking that in some way the turning of the pages of the photo album would cause a projection of digital photos that relate to the pictures in the album. For example if the pictures in the album were baby photos then this would cause digital baby photos of the grandchildren to be displayed. What do you think?
susiewho1, Jul 15 2003

       Maybe he was hungry.
bristolz, Jul 15 2003

       A baked technology that would facilitate much of what you ask for is digital watermarking. An imperceptable machine readable signature can be embedded in hardcopy photos. When the picture is shown to a common PC camera (whether through a special device or by holding up the picture) the computer reads the signature and performs whatever operation is interesting - activation of photos in a projector - or a collage of related photos - or music/narration - or whatever.   

       Check out the MediaBridge link.
dweeb, Jul 15 2003


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