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Change elevator buttons in a crowded garage
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The idea: Sneak into a parking garage late at night, and switch the faceplates on the elevator's buttons. People who expect to end up on the 4th floor, right next to their beatiful cabriolet end up in front of some slob's unimog. For added effect, randomly change the markings on each floor in the Garage. (This would take more time, I know.) Why DingDongDamn? I want to hear the string of cursing that will follow the realization on the part of the car owner that he/she has no idea where their car is.
Madcat, Apr 08 2003


       So the faceplate would look like this:


I'm not convinced that many people would be fooled.
angel, Apr 08 2003

       //I'm not convinced that many people would be fooled.//   

       Just rewire instead.
FloridaManatee, Apr 08 2003


       Shouldn't this idea be renamed to DingDongDrat?
egbert, Apr 08 2003

       [jutta] Agreed, if this is more than just associating the button labels with the wrong floors. If the button-floor pairs are correct, but they're arranged in a non-intuitive pattern, then the puzzle is worthwhile. Pressing B gets you to the basement, but since it's the middle of the pattern, using [angel]'s example, you have to pay attention to get what you want. Otherwise the solution is random and (in my book) less fun.
Don Quixote, Apr 08 2003

       Actually, if the real buttons are:   

       5 4
3 2
1 B

       then rearranging them as:   

       2 5
1 4
B 3

       might fool some people. Still a cruel and pointless exercise, though.
supercat, Apr 08 2003

       I'm beginning to believe that this would just convince more people to take the stairs.
WordUp, Feb 20 2004


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