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coin operated elevator

coin needed to ride elevator
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insert quarter into elevator to activate before pushing floor
sukiyaki, Dec 28 2009

(???) http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3582/3400242672_b171611a60.jpg?v=0 Picture of coin operated elevator
Italy [DavideAndrea, Dec 29 2009]

The torture device in an elevator. karaoke_20elevator
[Ling, Dec 29 2009]


       I seem to remember a similar idea that was hugely fishboned, in part because this is completely baked.
DrWorm, Dec 29 2009

       It wasn't until I was 16 that I saw the first elevator that was NOT coin operated! (Italy). They used 10 Lire coins (about 0.01 $).   

       See picture, in link.
DavideAndrea, Dec 29 2009

       I hate this model. If you really need to take elevator and you don't have coins, it's pretty annoying, just like public toilets in Sweden are. You know that you always have to carry coins in your pockets, just in case.
Inyuki, Dec 29 2009

       //I hate this model//

       I would gladly pay money to turn [sukiyaki]'s Karaoke machine off.
Ling, Dec 29 2009

       heh, nice to see you around Ling.
blissmiss, Dec 29 2009

       I am as happy to see [Ling] too.
Inyuki, Dec 29 2009

       //A quarter of what? A quarter of a coin? // In the states, a "quarter" is a coin that represents Œ of a dollar.
Jscotty, Dec 29 2009

       [blissmiss & Inyuki], thanks. I'm often checking in but, fortunately for everyone, not writing much.
Ling, Dec 30 2009

       Charles Cecil.
skinflaps, Dec 30 2009


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