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Desk Based Elevator Summoning

for lifts in the know
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The lift in our office building takes forever to come up to our floor once you've pressed the button.

I propose a desktop based application that you can press as you're leaving your desk to attempt to use the lift. It says 'neilp has just left his desk, it normally takes him 90 seconds to reach the elevator, so try and get one to arrive to meet him'.

Simple as that.

neilp, Aug 11 2006


       you usually have little wait time for the stairs.
tcarson, Aug 11 2006

       it's true [tcarson], but not everyone has the luxury of being fit and well and able to walk down 45 sets of stairs.
neilp, Aug 11 2006

       //fit and well and able to walk down 45 sets of stairs.//

Walking up is no problem, however.
angel, Aug 11 2006


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