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Ding Doh!

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Are you tired of rushing from your hidden sub, sub-basement laboratory at the doorbell's incessant nagging only to find yourself the victim of a Knock A Door Ginger prankster?
Or perhaps you enjoy handing out a little trick before treats come all hallows eve.

Well just replace that tarnished and tuneless dinger with a new Chinese finger trap doorbell.
It's patented ratchet spring action with a ten minute timed release guarantees that unless the little beggar has the reflexes of a mongoose and fingers as small they, or at least one of them, *will* still be there when you get to the door.

<fine print>
Doorbell should be de-activated when occupants are not home. FryCo is not liable for damages resulting from misuse. Toes, and/or, other appendages should not be placed in aperture.

What [UnaBubba] said. http://web.archive....om/idea/Ding_20Doh!
[spidermother, Oct 27 2011]

Hoarding!_20Ding!_20Ding! Completely unrelated really... [swimswim, Oct 28 2011]


       May I suggest a remote video camera for your sub-sub basement lab, 2fry? Or if that would clash with the 19th century decor, a periscope might do as well.
bungston, Nov 17 2004

       Why not just put the mongoose on the other side of the wall.   

       Insert finger here and press.
skinflaps, Nov 17 2004

       Also, fit your ordinary bell push six feet up, above a little ledge that hides it from view if you're four feet tall or less.
david_scothern, Nov 17 2004

       What happens when vacuum cleaner sales people and prophets of doom get caught in your device? You're going to have to listen to them rabbit on for ten minutes! Is there provision to override the timer, 2 fries?
cromagnon, Nov 17 2004

       [Bungston] Yes. Yes you may.
[Freerunner] I need you to be more specific about which way the mongoose should be facing.
[david_scothern] Then how are they supposed to get on any of the rides?
[cromagnon] There is a manual release, and I figure that undesirables can just wait out the ten minutes while I try to sell them something. Like my broken lawn mower or left over paving stones. It's a win win situation.

       This is evil. Mmmm. Lovely. [+]
Pericles, Nov 17 2004

       [2 fries] I would've thought either way would be equally unpleasent.
skinflaps, Nov 17 2004

       Pray tell me: what kind of door-bell sound would a mongoose make?
Ling, Nov 17 2004

       The door- bell would probably involve crooning, high-pitched twittering cries, bird-like whistling, and a particular chittering when the person has their finger firmly stuck. When said person attempts to remove their finger the bell would growl harshly and utter slight barking sounds.   

       But that's not the question is it?
skinflaps, Nov 17 2004

       Is it a flock of mongeese? And do they honk?   

       [2 fries] Great idea! +   

       [bungston] Periscope is inspired.   

       I believe HB applications for the finger trap are an untapped source.
Nontaigne, Nov 18 2004

       Ling: "chomp!"
david_scothern, Jan 04 2005

       [david_scothern] //Also, fit your ordinary bell push six feet up, above a little ledge that hides it from view if you're four feet tall or less.// - what about people who are six feet tall, but are wheelchair users?
neilp, Jan 04 2005

Zimmy, Aug 17 2006

       What [Zimmy] said. This one's a classic.
swimswim, Oct 24 2011


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