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Hoarding! Ding! Ding!

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This game show pits contestants against each other in a competitive arena littered with game objects of various values. Each contestant is assigned a 4-meter circumference circle on the floor, and given points for all the game objects they can collect within this circle. The action of the game occurs because there are too many objects to easily fit into the circles, and contestants must discriminate between higher-value, awkwardly shaped objects and lower-value objects that are more easily stackable. As the contestants collect more objects, they must reorganize and restack their existing cache, sometimes discarding items to make room for others. The game is timed and flustered contestants risk moving too quickly and toppling their constructions. In the end, the winner is the contestant who has amassed the most value in their precariously stacked, tower of points. Ding, ding, ding!
swimswim, Oct 04 2011


       We can hold the outdoor matches in my yard, provided the contestants' hoarding zones are located on my neighbors' property. I've got a couple of old Porsche 911s and a broken car lift belonging to my dad that I could use some help shifting. [+]
Alterother, Oct 04 2011

       Are contesntants permitted to steal from within their opponents’ circles?
pocmloc, Oct 04 2011

       Yes, as part of the tie-breaker round. The lights are switched off and, after all the clattering and slapping, switched back on. A winner is then announced based on the new point totals.
swimswim, Oct 04 2011

       I love this. (I do this so I would win and be queen hoarder.)
blissmiss, Oct 05 2011

       // A winner is then announced based on the //   

       lowest number of flesh wounds sustained during the melee.
Alterother, Oct 05 2011

       Towers of Hanoi...under siege.
4whom, Oct 10 2011

       3D Tetris. I likey.   

       <hums tetris tune>
wagster, Oct 29 2011


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