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Disappearing ink bug spray

Know where you've sprayed, and where you haven't.
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When applying a colorless pesticide, it's often difficult to know where you've applied it, and where you haven't.

As a result, you might apply it more than once in some areas (which is wasteful), or omit areas (which lets the bugs get by).

By adding a pigment which disappears after a few minutes of air exposure, these problems can be avoided.

goldbb, Sep 27 2009

Disappearing ink weed killer http://www.bayeradv...ns/concentrate.html
Can you find the speeling eroors? [bdag, Sep 28 2009]

What happens when the cats eat the bugs which eat the pesticide http://www.origrafi...om/ovriga/radio.htm
[RayfordSteele, Sep 28 2009]

Avon SKIN SO SOFT Bug Guard Plus IR3535 SPF 30 Cool 'n Fabulous Disappearing Color Lotion http://shop.avon.co...ept_id=&pf_id=36449
That's their title, not mine. [phoenix, Sep 28 2009]


       I rather like this. A nice muted mauve would be wonderful. Like a vaporizing water color?
blissmiss, Sep 27 2009

       Baked-ish. Bayer Advanced makes a weed killer, here in the Colonies at least, that comes out pink, dries clear. Helps you to see where you've sprayed. I could link to their website but it doesn't advertise that feature. What the hey, I'll link anyway so you can see a professional web site with spelling mistakes.   

       I imagine if you used red#40 as a colorant, you would have another chemical to use against the beasties.
bdag, Sep 28 2009

       If the spray was laced with Radium Chloride, the treated surfaces would glow in the dark......
8th of 7, Sep 28 2009

       can we get something to spray on the walls and table-legs so if a cat sprays it, it blows up ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 28 2009

       Just lick the places you may or may not have sprayed. If you get sick, you sprayed there.   

       Results may take time to arrive.
shapu, Sep 28 2009

       Fake tan bug spray.
West nile virus, malaria, And melanoma protection.

       If it reduced wrinkles and was a topical pain killer we could take over the world.   

       I recently started to work in a freshly sprayed area. I entered from the side without signs. This would would have given given me some clues. My solution would have been a cylindrical sign placed at the centre of the spray area indicating radius.
wjt, Sep 28 2009

       In addition to my link, "Off Skintastic MagiColor" was a purple insect repellent that disappeared shortly after putting it on. Evidently they don't make it any more.
phoenix, Sep 28 2009

       do not apply DEET to your skin. It does not make it more effective and there are good reasons to avoid unneeded exposure. Application to your clothing or better, the use of pendants that can be opened and closed is the safest and most effective use.
WcW, Sep 29 2009


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