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Disappearing price tag

For things like flowers and jewelry
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The price disappears when the barcode is scanned, using ink activated by the laser.
21 Quest, May 12 2024


       That's going to need an extra full time member of staff who's whole job is traipsing around the store after customers with those DIY basket scanners replacing any disappeared price tags from items they changed their mind about or were just price checking to see if the tag on it was wrong.   

       [TESCO (and presumably others) have scanners by the entrance customers can pick up and take with them around the store now]   

       But well done [+] so it's makework, still an extra job, one less person on benefits can't be bad ;p
Skewed, May 12 2024

       One small observation though, supermarkets and petrol stations may have price tags on their flower bunches, legit flower shops don't, you can't disguise it's a supermarket or petrol station bunch just by taking the tag off, she'll know you're cheap with or without the tag ;) and where the hell have you been buying your jewellery that it had price tags on the item rather than the display anyway?
Skewed, May 12 2024

       It's for last minute occasions where you may well only be buying them because it's obligatory... such as Mother's Day flowers for the in-law.
21 Quest, May 12 2024

       Perhaps it requires a special scan tool, which wouldn't be available to consumers?
21 Quest, May 12 2024


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