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Optical Illusion Price Tags

Optical readjusting and refocusing reveals other layers of detail.
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Recently while browsing through woollen clothing at a local store I found something I liked and looked at the price tag. The price was so exorbitant that my eyes refocussed as a natural reflex. This particular price tag simply blurred momentarily until the same price reappeared, leaving me to wonder what other sort of details could have possibly emerged.

I dreamt of many fanciful things, but finally decided that this would be an interesting, albiet halfbaked, mechanism for income adjusted pricing. This has always been a difficult system to implement because it's hard to know exactly how much money someone has to adjust prices accordingly. However, with Optical Illusion Price Tags the buyers' eyes refocus the price to their level of poverty.

Using a hybrid image, or a stereogram to conceal hidden prices based on the focussing of the eye the buyers ability to pay will be revealed. With the cost of the price mechanism being so high for society, the laws of supply and demand dictate that this method of pricing will become the favored alternative.

rcarty, Apr 22 2012


       Really? If you have to look at the price tag then can you really afford it?
UnaBubba, Apr 24 2012

       I couldn't imagine being able to afford anything if I spent my life buying things without looking at price tags.
rcarty, Apr 24 2012

       I once at an event offered the main product (rrp about £10) on an unticketed, "pay what you want" basis. The poor punters were utterly confused by this approach; no-one paid nothing; but it generally caused some bad feeling I think.
pocmloc, Apr 24 2012

       There is a used stuff/antique store near my town that has no pricetags but simply invites people to "pay what you feel it is worth." The owner of the shop lives modestly, but does very well for herself.
Alterother, Apr 24 2012

       Is this like shopping without my glasses on? I once bought something that I thought was $3.99USD, but when it rang up at $8.99 I realized I must wear my reading glasses whilst shopping!
xandram, Apr 24 2012

       I once bought a lollipop from a charity worker, on a street corner in the city. The only money in my wallet was $50.00 notes, so I gave him one of them. I was rather surprised when he gave me a lollipop and thanked me, without returning any change. I could afford it but I have been wary of being caught again.   

       P.S. The lollipop tasted crap, so I threw it away.
UnaBubba, Apr 24 2012

       //lollipop//. Sp. Sucker.
AusCan531, Apr 25 2012

       That's funny.
rcarty, Apr 25 2012

       I can laugh now. I felt a little aggrieved at the time.
UnaBubba, Apr 25 2012


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