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Disaster theme park

Architectural theme park devoted to destroyed cities
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Disaster theme park

I liked the "It’s a Small World" idea. The parks in the Netherlands and Japan were cute. The problem is the overall lameness of it all. The twin towers in the architectural park in Japan gave me an Idea, a disaster theme park.

For example you would build a scale model of Dresden, exhibit it for a few months, and when ticket sales fell you would announce the fire bombing. On that night the audience would be see a flotilla of model airplanes drop incendiary weapons causing a mini fire storm.

You could do the same show as Dresden for Hamburg and Tokyo. When that got boring the Turkish navy could bombard Smyrna. The sieges of Warsaw and Berlin would also satisfy World War II nostalgia.

For Christmas, Jerusalem could be put to the torch (by the Romans and the Crusaders on alternating years)

Tsunamies and Nuclear bombardment might not be crowd pleasers as they are over so quickly. Earthquakes that are followed by conflagrations on the other hand might work out well.

geo8rge, Dec 13 2005

Famous Wreck Backyards Famous_20Wreck_20Backyards
[theircompetitor, Dec 15 2005]


       I guess you could build it right next to the French Quarter as part of the New Orleans rebuilding program.   

       But the whole thing is going to be very similar to the arsonist theme park someone else suggested recently.
DrCurry, Dec 13 2005

       This sounds like a visit to Universal studios.
skinflaps, Dec 15 2005

       //Tsunamies// sp. "tsunami"
coprocephalous, Dec 15 2005


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