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Fiction World

Where fiction comes true
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Have you ever been reading a book, or watched a film, and just wished that you were there? Well now you can be, with Fiction World!

Fiction World is a small Archipelago of Islands that hyas been transformed into the sort of attractions you'd expect from a place that promises fictional worlds come true. On our Traction Island, you can become an engineer in a Traction City for a while, whilest on our Battlefields you can prove yourself in fighting with a sword, bow, crossbow, or assault rifle (non-lethal of course; tough you may get a few brusise). Or if you'd just like to relax in the glow of the eye of Souron, then our Mordor attraction at Middle Earth is the place for you.

Or maybe you've got sick of the land, and would like a bit of me time on the water? We have a selection of places to choose from, including Cloral, and several raft cities around Traction Island. If you wish to go deeper, then Atlantis is the place to be.

Selky, Sep 27 2009

Real Life DnD Real_20Life_20DnD
like this? [bungston, Jan 11 2010]

MFF Millionaire_20fantasy_20fulfillment
Another one [bungston, Jan 11 2010]


       I don't believe it! I forgot to mention the Discworld.
Selky, Sep 27 2009

       Westworld should be a hit.
tatterdemalion, Sep 27 2009

       Okay, who voted against it? Own up, you asterixes.   

       A lot of fiction could no doubt be standardized into one. We don't want endless repeats opf the same tired old world with only the names changed (i.e. most fantasy).
Selky, Sep 28 2009

       //including Cloral//
sp. "chloral"
coprocephalous, Sep 29 2009

       No, Cloral. Never read Bobby Pendragon?   

       Sorry for atracting attention to it. I know it's an Archipelago, but that's no reason to dump a load of fish here.   

Selky, Sep 29 2009

       [+] for mentioning Discworld in an annotation.
DrWorm, Sep 29 2009

       // I think it's atttracting fish because it's so like "chum", a mixture of tired, recycled fishmonger's garbage, tuna oil and blood, used to attract fish.// Oh. I thought ideas got fishboned for either being stupid ideas or already existing.   

       Wait, tuna attracts fish? Cannibals!
Selky, Sep 30 2009

       Existing where? The idea certainly exists, but as far as I know, it doesn't exist in RL. If you know any differently, I'd like to see this place (sounds fun).
Selky, Sep 30 2009

       what a great idea: you could call it "Selkyworld" or "Selkyland", or if you're in rightpondia: "EuroSelky".   

       [mfd] ostrich.
FlyingToaster, Sep 30 2009

       MFD? As in 'Marked for Deletion'? Or some other abbreviation...?
Selky, Sep 30 2009

       He/she is being facetious [Selky]. We don't mark things for deletion on grounds of ostrich-inclusion, nor head-in-sand antics.   

       This is an ostrich-friendly zone.
theleopard, Sep 30 2009

       Ostrich? Huh?
Selky, Oct 01 2009

       Don't you mean Ossterich?   

       Sorry, we only have Standard Fantasy, rather than Middle Earth. Due to budget cuts, we are unable to afford keeping similar attractions seperate, so we've had to amalgamate Middle Earth with all other Fantasy settings.
Selky, Jan 11 2010

       This again? I think I remember 2 incarnations of Westworld proposed within the past 6 months. Lets see if I can link them.
bungston, Jan 11 2010

       Westworld? That's a little too... limited for my tastes. As is the real life DnD suggestion. What I'm proposing is to link it all together on an Archipelago. Effectively, it's roleplaying a massive scale.
Selky, Jan 11 2010

       How about a Fiction world where the fiction is that the participant is engaged in proletarian labor, physical or mental, that is useful and productive? The participant would actually be engaged in labor which might or might not be productive but all participants would interpret it as such. This world would be used as a sort of rehab for people who have never felt such sentiments, to give them that feeling and get them their mojo to achieve the same in the real world.   

       The useful and productive labor would not be mining for gold on World of Warcraft, although I suppose that WOW meets the above description.
bungston, Jan 11 2010

       [bungston] People already do that. They're normally working for the government, although some companies make up jobs as well.   

       I'm sure there were more annotations...
Selky, Jan 16 2010

       I want "Friction World" a simulation of what it would be like to be really small.
WcW, Jan 16 2010


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