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Disco Charades

Proactive body language to overcome noise pollution
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Trying to converse in a bar or club playing high volume music means having to shout loudly into one another's ear at close range. This problem particularly affects the young, cosmopolitan singles that chat offline in deaf-defying clubs in the world's metropols.

I suggest the establishment of an international set of gestures to convey the most common phrases such as:
"Do you come here often?" (form U with upturned hand + walk with the index and long fingers in the air several times + point towards floor)
"Your place or mine?" (clasp hands as in prayer while on knees + place them under the head tilted sideways + point index finger alternately at observer and self)
"Does your 'no' really mean 'no' or can it mean 'yes'?" (make windshield wiper motion with index finger + raise shoulders and eyebrows + stick long finger deep into mouth + peel an imaginary banana).

Not only would the vocal cords be spared, but a new dance craze might be born from long conversations.

FarmerJohn, May 06 2002


       Been a while [FarmerJohn]?
phoenix, May 06 2002

       [blissmiss] Are you offering?
phoenix, May 06 2002

       Newbie or not newbie, that is the question.   

       Actually I'm the real McCoy, but I sure feel at home here.
FarmerJohn, May 06 2002

       McCoy, McCoy ? I remember him, big guy with a funny beard, always smelled of onions and was partial to cross-dressing or was it french dressing?
po, May 06 2002


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