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Musicianship for Dummies

a collection of common sense to get a feel of what other musicians should expect
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I was auditioning once as a drummer, + was asked who do I follow when I play the guitar or singer. I replied I don't follow anyone, the bass player should follow me. No trick question or ego about it, I should have been auditioning them. A band should be a tribe, + when you act like a family, the etiquette just falls into place. Sure, even the best of friends have their share of problems, but before firing the best drummer you'll ever find, you should read this book, compiled by musicians from all over who know what they're talking about.

P.S. someone help me + my way around 1/2bakery, I'm receiving this + that from pple, I don't know how to get back to them, if they're cool See ya in the funnies

cory, Jul 23 2001


       You will find several books on the market about band ettiquite with several different opinions on who is in charge, how the music should be managed, and who should follow who. Most of them will tell you that its the drummer who is thought to be the source of most problems.
Jscotty, Sep 29 2005

       - Boy, this is an old one!   

       I can't workout what the+'s signify - unless cory's trying to influence the scoring, and it'd be nice to ask him to re-phrase some of it, but if he's a drummer he's probably exploded or something, by now!   

       Ah, there's the old rub. Is a drummer a musician?   

       A bass player I know reminds me with his vast array of drummer jokes, every-time I meet him. I usually retort (poorly) with a quip about him playing a feckless bass.   

       I'd say yes, and that like any good team, the best results come when everyone's working together. And that ultimately the drummer keeps tempo, and the others follow him, but that he's usually got to respond to what they're doing, too. Who's in charge - on stage - nobody and everyone - or the conductor if there is one.   

       At least, that's what I think I'd do.   

       The important bits are the bits you don't hear.   

       Another golden rule to add is, if you can't hear exactly what everyone else is playing, you're playing too loud.
Dub, Sep 30 2005


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