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Multidimensional bone stereo

Use it all!
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Stereo relies on the two ears, and their differing perceptions of the origin of a sound. Bone hearing relies on conduction through the bones to the hearing apparatus, bypassing the outer ear entirely.

I propose that by delivering different parts of a musical piece to different bones, the dimensions of stereo perception could be increased. Each of the bony protuberances would get a headphone (or a bonephone), and each would receive a different piece of the music. The piece would be perceived as a whole, but with the different parts altered by the varying body paths they took.

bungston, Feb 26 2006

Radio GNAW Radio_20GNAW
Poorly named idea also using bone hearing. [bungston, Feb 26 2006]


       if I plus this, is it a bone?
po, Feb 26 2006

       There're a few ideas similar to this, aren't there? (Search Hearing Bone - I tried Herring Bone, but that's different) -   

       Identifying the position of a sound also has to do with phase and air pressure on parts of your chest, face and head too, I think.
Dub, Feb 26 2006


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