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Disco Panel

Large flat panel playing lightshow directed by music.
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You know how the dance floor in Saturday Night Fever lights up when John Travolta is dancing on it?

Well, the Disco Panel connects to an audio-system or computer (for MP3s), and displays a lightshow that flows with the music!

The panel comes in various sizes, and can be installed in floors, or hung onto walls for a fantastic light display.

The panel is also Winamp visual plug-in compatible if you want larger sized versions of them playing.

An evolved version may very well be used as a video viewscreen or such.

mrkillboy, Jul 08 2000

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       Erm...how is this not baked? You saw it in the movie, and the movie sets were based on real discos...   

       And video walls are pretty crispy as well...About the only new part of this is the Winamp thing.
StarChaser, Feb 23 2001


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