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Disco Paving

Party to the beat of the ground.
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I have a paved area in my backyard consisting of 400 x 400mm pavers (just over 1 foot sq each), making up an area of about 4 metres by 3 metres (12 x 9 foot), and it would have been great (cause I thought of this afterwards) if I had left a gap of approximately 7.5cm's (3 inches) between each of the pavers.

Then you fill the gaps of the paving with clear glass toughened beads, much like you would with rocks. But before you lay the beads down your run clear plastic garden hose lighting underneath the beads. You then wire the the hosing up to a beat sequencer for the different light runs, ie one around the perimetre, two or three times across the middle and as the beads are clear and the lighting hose has different colours your paving at night time would appear to beat in time with the music.

Easy way to turn your outdoor area into a groovy dance pad, garden lighting hose is readily available so water damage isn't a problem... and if you slid the hose into a c-section channel that faced down the light would still come out and you could slide the hose back in to replace globes etc.

Supercruiser, Apr 08 2003

Water-resistant ropelights http://www.platinum...opeFAQ/ropefaq.html
[angel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       Yeah the idea is that the colour of the light diffuses up through the clear beads, might be bad if the lights glowed, cooked, and you had a molten bead stuck to your shoe/foot...oww!
Supercruiser, Apr 08 2003


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