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Green House (Black and White really)

A novel approach to eco-housing...
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In order to save the environment and the planet and everything, including gas and electricity, why not paint the outside of your house, including windows and roof, black and the whole of the inside of the house including windows etc. white. In this way, all you would need is a fridge. It will supply a steady source of heat while keeping food inside cold, the white inside walls of the house will reflect the heat back to keep it in and the fridge light will be handy for finding your way around (but only up to short distances away, and the food would start to walm up). Even better, you could coat the whole of the inside of the house in tin foil. And, being black on the outside, it would be like a stealth house and so avoid radar detection. Now there's a thought.....
ILL_ADVISED, Aug 14 2006


       I'm 1/2 cut, and, without further thought, [ILL_ADVISED], this is ke-ed. bun. croissant. whatever. where's that breathalyser login when you need it?
m_Al_com, Aug 14 2006

       It's novel, I'll definitely give you that. What if the house gets too hot?   

       (considers a bun for the image of lighting the whole house with the fridge light. Genuinely considers for a minute. Yeah, go on, it's definitely amusing. [+])
david_scothern, Aug 14 2006


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