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Discreet Dog Freer

The fight against clueless dog walkers
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Dog walking people often occupy most of the sidewalk without realizing it. It's as if they forget that a trip-line runs between them and their best friend. It need not be so. A blade, spring-loaded or not, is strapped to your lower leg or shoe. Rather than awkwardly navigating around a dog walker, a leash, and/or a dog, you walk straight onwards. The blade contacts the the leash and then -snip- your way is clear and the dog is free to pursue whatever drew its interest away from its human in the first place.
the porpoise, Oct 02 2014

Uh, dogs do drive. http://www.youtube....watch?v=BWAK0J8Uhzk
( they also ride with their heads out the window ) [normzone, Oct 03 2014]


       The dog is free to pursue the moving car with the other dog in it, and after it's untimely demise you are free to defend yourself against the bereaved owner's attacks using your blade, spring-loaded or not. What could possibly go wrong?
normzone, Oct 02 2014

       Uh, dogs don't drive.
the porpoise, Oct 02 2014

       You could just walk toward the leash and stop when you are a couple inches away. They may a that point come to their senses and make sure they are on the same side of you as their dog. Alternately ,if they keep walking and wrap the leash around your legs, it's their fault, and you are perfectly justified in cutting the leash.
scad mientist, Oct 02 2014

       Hmmm... what would an Overt Dog Freer be?
mofosyne, Oct 03 2014

       You could just carry a razor sharp cutlass when you go running. When you stop to saw thru a dog leash, the owner is unlikely to say much.
bungston, Oct 03 2014

       There you go. Also, at a glance, " Discreet Dog Frier ".
normzone, Oct 03 2014


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