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Disgusting dinner plates weight loss plan

Eat all you want! There's a picture of a dead rat underneath all that food.
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Little kids have those plates with a picture of some cute character on the bottom so the parents can say: "Eat all your hydrogenated yam paste and you get to see Barney!" How about an image on the plate to motivate you to not finish your food as a weight loss thingy?

Pictures of road kill, vomit, autopsies, use your imagination. You'd have to make them disposable paper plates so they'd be different enough every time so people wouldn't get de-sensitized to the images.

Might even get a kind of "Clockwork Orange" style, negative association thing going regarding eating. It's gross, but better than being buried in a piano box.

Boy am I gonna get boned on this one.

doctorremulac3, Jul 18 2005

(?) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory http://photos1.blog...te_factory_ver2.jpg
I'm guessing this Burton-esque image is going to be replacing the "Clockwork Orange" images this year. [jurist, Jul 18 2005]

Clockwork Orange http://images.googl...en%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN
Drink your milk. [jurist, Jul 18 2005]

BleakEat© Easyslim Plate http://www.zeppotro...vations/plates.html
Half-baked by Unnovations [zen_tom, Jul 18 2005]

TV Go Home http://www.ntk.net/tvgohome/
Nothing to do with this idea, but it is funny. [wagster, Jul 18 2005]


       erm.. you don't think these adults might notice the picture before they put the food on the plate ?
neilp, Jul 18 2005

       "How about an image on the plate to motivate you to not finish your food as a weight loss thingy?"
Or serve less food?
st3f, Jul 18 2005

       //Might even get a kind of "Clockwork Orange" style,// I wonder if Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have already anticipated this marketing opportunity. [link]
jurist, Jul 18 2005

       how about something like those lean cuisine type tv dinners. they can TASTE like crap so you dont finish it...and have a disgusting picture on the bottom also.....or maybe some pro-food-waste propoganda....mind tricks for the body's benefit
IcarusByNight, Jul 18 2005

       "EM: Dad... It's the treatment.
More retching.

       JOE: Well, it's disgusting. It puts you off your food.   

       EM: Leave him be, Joe. It's the treatment.   

       PEE: D'you think we should do something?   

       EM: Would you like me to make you a nice cup of tea, son?   

       ALEX: No thanks, Mum. It'll pass in a minute..."
Zimmy, Jul 18 2005

       Maybe a DVD of plastic surgery operations? They always put me off my food.....There has been a spate of Live Surgery shows here in the UK, Some being shown about the time I have my evening meal....
Minimal, Jul 18 2005

       More effective would be a plate made of plastic which makes all the food on it taste like plastic. Bottled water often comes in containers like this, so the material is well baked.   

       If the last bites of your food taste like plastic, you probably won't finish your portion, leading to calories saved every meal.
phundug, Jul 18 2005

       What if you like chocolate, muffins, sweets, coca-cola, fast food, ice cream or other fattening foods that neither require nor are normally associated with plate-eating?   

       In fact, most low-grade, high fat, unhealthy foods are expressly designed to be consumed sans-plate.   

       I think it would be counter-productive to ingrain associations that put one off sitting down for a proper meal at the dinner table since that's normally the one and only place where you're likely to get a decent meal, likely leading to undesirable snacking behaviours.   

       Plus, this exact idea was thought of in October 2000 by the Unnovations gang (linky)[-]
zen_tom, Jul 18 2005

       There was a commune where the food was dyed blue, initially as a way to "break set", but later in order to save money because no-one wanted to eat it.
nineteenthly, Jul 18 2005

       Nice link [zen_tom], brought to you by the same guys who did the utterly fantastic "TV Go Home". I've linked that from here as their link is broken.
wagster, Jul 18 2005

       Ah. The family is trying to _save_ me by hiding the TV remote control. I'd not have guessed.
reensure, Jul 18 2005

       Ah TVGoHome! I haven't looked at that for years. "Daily Mail Island" was always my favourite.
hippo, Jul 18 2005

       How do you make people use these plates?
Basepair, Jul 18 2005

       Simply don't wash any of the normal plates.
When food is served on them the eater gets the choice of not eating to the end - saving calories and themselves from eating someones dried-on leftovers, or can choose to carry on with the meal and risk scraping away at what is left and eating that too.
fridge duck, Jul 19 2005

       Dinner is one of the complete meals you are supposed to have.   

       Maybe putting images on the fridge to keep people who have no self control from opening it between meals might be more helpful, or images of people exercising to remind people that diet is only one part of being healthy. Or really, really heavy plates that are exercise in themselves.   

       This just encourages unhealthy eating habbits and wasting food.   

Giblet, Jul 19 2005

       Ah yes, depleted uranium plates.
hippo, Jul 20 2005

       Have the fridge door held closed with chest-expander springs, so you get some exerise when you open it...
Minimal, Jul 20 2005


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