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Drinking Plate

Drink from your plate!
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Sometimes you need to take your food and walk with it, plate in one hand, cup in the other. To eat, you need to set your cup down. A easier solution would be to have a sort of double lined plate, with a layer of air inbetween, and a straw sticking out. So you could pour your drink straight into the plate with no need for a cup.

This being my first idea, try to be a little easy on me. Please.

finrod, Dec 22 2004

Glass clip http://www.clipdevine.com/
A great device, but as Jutta has pointed out, you can't put the plate down very easily. [wagster, Dec 22 2004]

sip-a-bowl http://www.epinions..._Plastic_SIP-A-BOWL
almost, but not quite [finrod, Dec 22 2004]


       Start out with the drink in a plate-shaped can, and I think you're onto a winner.
DrCurry, Dec 22 2004

       welcome [finrod], that's certainly a novel way of introducing yourself.
I hope this is your first idea on the HB, if this is indeed your first ever idea, then please accept my congratulations.

So you're suggesting that the plate itself is hollow, with just a straw (and presumably a hole to let the air back in). Well. OK. the straw would have to be quite long, and you'd want to make sure the air release was quite high to.

very odd.
neilp, Dec 22 2004

       Another alternative are little plastic drink holders that clip on the side of the plate. But yours is more easily set down onto a surface.
jutta, Dec 22 2004

       What about a plate with a cup in the centre? Like one of those dip trays. You'd need a straw for that, obviously, otherwise you'd lose your lunch every time you tried to take a sip.
Detly, Dec 22 2004

       Welcome [finrod] - your first idea IS a cracker! If the difficulty in having the system conform to restaurant hygeine standards (as far as washing and sterilisation goes) can be overcome then it is a neat bit of design!   

       Cool drinks to go in the salad and ice cream bowls, hot coffees etc in the hot meal plates! I like it!   

       You would need a snorkel as well as a straw, and because these poke up well above the plate, a lazy susan device on the bottom would be useful so that you could spin the snorkel/straw out of the way while you used the eatin' irons, then spin it back when you wanted a drink.   

       I think I'm barring up...
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 22 2004

       you've certainly identified a problem here. +1
po, Dec 22 2004

       to make it disposable, how about making the drink part lined with foil and plastic as in drink boxes. drink,eat, throw away.
dentworth, Dec 22 2004

       Totally UNHEALTHY. We used these in the Germanic campaigns and, no, my mind is failing here, you can't run or ride a horse with a straw in your mouth; I mean the whole thing looks like a pair of scissors to me.
mensmaximus, Dec 22 2004

       what are you driveling about mm, do you like the idea or not?
dentworth, Dec 22 2004

       dentworth - that ilustration is frightening me.
benfrost, Dec 22 2004

       I found a link to something like this, but that straw goes directly into the contents of the bowl, I want a seperate chamber for the drink. This idea went oever better than I would have hoped. :)
finrod, Dec 23 2004

       If I could just hold the rig, eating and drinking as I go, and not be photographed passing the mating call of the Australian scissor bird, I'd digest the lot better.
reensure, Dec 23 2004

       [Dentworth], I've got plenty of time reserved in the future for consuming sustenance through a straw when that's all I can manage. I can't remember the last time I've had the pleasure of experiencing the 100 year old straw invention/gift to mankind either.
mensmaximus, Dec 23 2004

       but only the beverage was buried under the plate, it's not applesauce and strained peas.
dentworth, Dec 23 2004

       Something to mix in and consume green drinks from would be good.
mensmaximus, Dec 23 2004

       Three dots flying around on a cold phoshor screen are about as comforting as the previous religious wish will ever get.
mensmaximus, Dec 24 2004


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