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Dish-maintenance cabinets

Store, Eat, Swap, Wash, Repeat
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An set of diswasher/cabinet units, sold by the pair. These would be installed overhead, disguised as cabinets with sufficient space for dish storage but would double as dishwashers. Grab a plate, glass, and silverware from the clean side, use them, and then place the dirty ones in the other unit. Once the clean dish supply is exhausted, simply run the dishwasher for the one that now holds all the dirty dishes. When next you need a dish/utensil, you'd go to the opposite side, and the process repeats indefinitely.

The units would be available in a number of different finishes and capacities. The only drawback is having to take up twice the space for only set of dishes, but if they could be made sufficiently efficient, then only minimal dish sets would have to be maintained and the units could be run more frequently.

absterge, Aug 03 2000

(?) Dish Drawer http://www.michaelh...K3M0017Q93DRT65B1RB
From the show 'Your New Home'. Sorry about the link, that URL should be taken out and shot. [StarChaser, Aug 03 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(?) Better DishDrawer link http://usa.fisherpa...wer/dishdrawer.html
From the manufacturer's site. [egnor, Aug 03 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       Baked. 'Dish Drawer'. Not overhead, but build in under the cabinet, can get one single or two together, or two singles or so on.
StarChaser, Aug 03 2000

       At $1600 for a double-drawer version, the DishDrawer isn't cheap... but it sure does look sweet. Chalk one up for my dream home of the future, I guess.
egnor, Aug 04 2000

       Huh! Already done, eh? that's no good... I still think it should be overhead, and should be aligned vertically, so as to really look like a cabinet; the less suspicious the better... 'course, the dish drawer is already pretty nice on that front.... ah, well. nothing new under the sun, eh? =/
absterge, Aug 04 2000

       If it opened like a normal dishwasher, it'd be impossible to get dishes out of, and if it opened like a cabinet, the water would dump on your head when you opened it. I think the drawer is a better idea...   

       Egnor, I got a call just as I was finishing the annotation and had to bail...Furrfu, these people think I'm at WORK or something, just because I'm at work...<grin> Didn't get the chance to hit the mfr's site.
StarChaser, Aug 05 2000

       How's about hiring a humyn being to wash your dishes? I could use a job. Are you in the Detroit area?
LoriZ, Dec 11 2001

       Nope, sorry...I'm in Florida, and the commute would kill you.
StarChaser, Dec 12 2001

       How about a conveyor system? Put the dirty dishes in on one side press a button (which locks the cabinet) and the wash cycle begins. When the dishes are done, they move to the next cabinet where they are ready to be removed for use.
phoenix, Dec 12 2001

       You've invented the commercial dishwasher...
StarChaser, Dec 13 2001

       Well, *sounds* like it, but I had something more sophisticated in mind.
phoenix, Dec 14 2001


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