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Dish Dryer

A cheaper alternative to the dishwasher
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The Dish Dryer™ is essentially an appliance that looks like a dishwasher, however it has absolutely no functionality other than storage. It requires no power, no water, and no complicated instructions. You get to put your wet dishes "away" for 1/4 the price of a standard dishwasher and then put them back in your cabinets whenever you get around to it giving your kitchen that "tidy" appearence at all times.

Even though the dishwasher is very common in most homes, there are still households who manually wash dishes for a variety of reasons. The Dish Dryer™ is simply a place under your kitchen counters where you can put your dishes after washing and rinsing them. In contrast to a standard countertop dish tray, the Dish Dryer™ is essentially 3 dish drying racks in a device that looks similar to a dishwasher.

This is great if you have limited counter space and hate having to wait for the dishes to dry so that you can put the rack away. And if you have unexpected guests and need to get rid of the dirty dishes immediately you can toss them into the Dish Dryer™ and then deal with the dishes later. As for the risidual food residue, the Dish Dryer™ can be easily hosed out.

Jscotty, Nov 04 2005


       Easy to hose out? You have a hose in your kitchen?
ldischler, Nov 07 2005

       //it has absolutely no functionality other than storage.//
So it's a cupboard.
angel, Nov 07 2005

       If I bought one of these I would probably store dishes ni it perminantly - why bother putting stuff away afterwards
miasere, Nov 07 2005

       One flat I lived in had a wooden plate rack fixed to the wall above the draining board. Plates lived there permanently, and dripped dry.
moomintroll, Nov 07 2005

       Ill sell you a solar powered clothes dryer for only
US 50$

       Its called a clothesline! Heh heh heh...
DesertFox, Nov 07 2005

       I like the idea of having one of these or a dishwasher whose wire tray innards are on tracks throughout my run of kitchen cupboards. On completing a cycle, the racks shift sideways by 60cm into the next cupboard and more dirty dishes get loaded into the racks in the dishwasher section. Never unload your dishwasher again.
rubyminky, Nov 08 2005

       Although come to think of it this would require a circular kitchen. One for people living in lighthouses, then.
rubyminky, Nov 08 2005

       //One flat I lived in had a wooden plate rack fixed to the wall above the draining board. Plates lived there permanently, and dripped dry.// I saw one of these in a flat, except it had a cupboard door in front of it and looked like a cupboard. I was quite impressed.
wagster, Nov 08 2005

       I fitted one of these drainage cupboards above the sink in my gfs flat recently, managed to break the lights in the bathroom though.
weedy, Nov 08 2005

       "managed to break the lights in the bathroom" - gf or ex-gf?
DrCurry, Nov 08 2005

       It would cost very little to fit a small motorised fan inside the Dishdryer to actually give it an edge over a drying rack.
Mr Phase, Nov 09 2005


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