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Drink Dispensing Fridge

A Refrigerator that dispenses ice cold fountain soda
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Basically like any refrigerator that dispenses water and ice, but also allows you to install syrup containers and a CO2 cartridge to have restaurant-style fountain soda dispensed at the touch of a button. You can switch from Coke to Sprit to Diet Coke, etc. from the control panel where you would also select the usual water/ice cubes/crushed ice/etc. and it would use essentially the same technology as a soda gun in a bar.
JohnnyB11, Aug 27 2009


       I'd like a tequila sunrise please.
po, Aug 27 2009

       Yes, you could do alcoholic drinks too if you wanted! YUMMO! :)
JohnnyB11, Aug 27 2009


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