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Dishwasher Safe

Novelty Secure Storage
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A safe that, for all intents and purposes looks like a dishwasher.

However, upon entering a specific wash/rinse cycle and keeping the device free from contents a trap door springs open to allow safe and secure storage of small, vitally important items: microfilm, top-secret dossiers, and cheese sandwiches (the compartment may have a refrigerator mode).

Jinbish, Aug 24 2006


       a safe pretending to be a ---- I'm pretty sure it's been done already, but maybe not?
xenzag, Aug 24 2006

       ...and what about the *real* dishwasher? It would look odd having 2 or worse yet, a dishwasher in the back of your closet.
xandram, Aug 24 2006

       An your jewelry comes out very sparkly, indeed
Dub, Aug 24 2006

       I think many of the higher end new houses are putting in 2 dishwashers.
Zimmy, Aug 24 2006

       The *real* dishwasher? Simple. Disguise it as a biscuit tin.
Jinbish, Aug 25 2006

       And a pun as well! Bonus.
moomintroll, Aug 25 2006

       Perhaps one more rotation and the safe too would rotate away, revealing the entrance to your escape tunnel.
bungston, Aug 25 2006

       Curses ! Someone has already thought of what we thought was a brilliant and original idea !
8th of 7, Jun 12 2008

       [+]The marketing writes itself! I clicked on this thinking that it was about making something safe to wash in the diswasher. But I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this is a pun.. or a play on words.   

       The garage is always a good place for a 2nd dishwasher- install it right beside the utility sink and nobody would think anything about it.
Jscotty, Jun 12 2008

       [+] Great idea!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!! Call it the WishDasher...
r_kreher, Jun 12 2008

       ... Or you could let it rust away in the back yard....
ye_river_xiv, Jun 14 2008


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