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Glass Armonica Kitchen Set and Storage Device

Useful for the blind, or for the musician.
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The glass armonica is a musical instrument invented by Benjamin Franklin, in which the player runs their moistened fingers along the edges of multiple spinning glass domes in order to achieve a musical sound. Each piece on the armonica is a different size, and "tuned" to achieve a specific note when rubbed.

In my ideal kitchen, all the drinking glasses and glass bowls would increase in size gradually from the smallest cup to the largest salad bowl. Each one would be tuned to a different note of the scale. When they were all clean, I could store them all on a rotating spindle in order of pitch, and play the "music of the angels", as Franklin said, on a whim every time I go to get a drink.

DrWorm, Nov 07 2009

"...probably advised to steer clear of the guy..." http://www.nytimes....s/music/05glas.html
[normzone, Nov 07 2009]




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