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Braille signages in kitchen
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this idea is not even half baked ... i am about to put it in oven .. eh ok lame.alright been thinking about this for while how about designing symbols on the kichten cabinet knobs and have some braille letters so that it's not hard for the visually impaired to locate something when he/she is new in the kitchen.for eg.spices could be denoted by some tactile symbol.
nooria, Oct 24 2006

A related idea Inconspicuous_20Braille
[DenholmRicshaw, Oct 24 2006]


       While I appreciate the idea, I don't have a lot of blind people wandering into my house. Not a bad idea though if, God forbid, a blind burgler got hungry and couldn't find the cumin.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 24 2006

If I may make a suggestion; the title "braille" is fairly nondescript, after all you didn't invent braille so how about something like "braille knobs" or "knobraille".

       Just a suggestion.   

       //"braille knobs"//   

skinflaps, Oct 24 2006

       For blind prostitutes?
theleopard, Oct 24 2006

       surely 'spices' might be best signified with 'spices' written in Braille in the appropriate language?
neilp, Oct 24 2006

       No, No. Once the lift is summoned, the labrador pushes the correct floor button.
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 24 2006

       Are you suggesting the everybody should use these knobs just incase a blind person needs to use your kitchen? If a blind person is in any "new" place regardless of knobs or braille, they still need to learn the area. This idea is mostly baked in the sense that there are plenty of blind friendly kitchen options available, including a pen that marks just about any surface with braille.
Chefboyrbored, Oct 24 2006

       //For blind prostitutes// Well, you've gotta hand it to them...
fridge duck, Oct 24 2006

       lol yeah u're right one has to explore the knobs too but the whole deal is making things more accessible for example how about u put a map on the kitchen door explaining that the microwave is on the left or the fridge is on right.I'm thinking of a house designed on the lines of accessible design catering to blind people.oh what it would be to create something that stimulates our rest of the senses.
nooria, Oct 24 2006

       <resists urge to track down [fridge duck] and slap him upside the head>
hidden truths, Oct 24 2006

       Just have a PA system the runs on a loop.   

       "Normal cutlery - top draw.   

       "Bigger cutlery items - next draw down.   

       "Food wrap and folded tea towels - third draw down.   

       "Two rubber bands and a plastic bag - bottom draw."   

       Etcetera. Naturally it would be exceedingly loud, and would repeat each item in several languages.
Texticle, Oct 24 2006

       They should use braille-like signage everywhere - For instance on the indicator, windscreen-wiper and head-lamp stalks on car steering wheels, too. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference - Especially if you're blind.
Dub, Oct 25 2006

Texticle, Oct 25 2006

       I have a nephew who is legally blind and visits infrequently enough to need a little guidance in my kitchen. If these were cleverly made to look like decorations it could be killing 2 birds w/ one stone. Also, if you are blind you might have more blind friends than the average person, and this could help them find their way around, as well.
PollyNo9, Oct 25 2006

       My favorite is the braille they use on the drive-thru ATM. Now that's scary!
MoreCowbell, Oct 25 2006

       I bet blind folks sniff out the spices. My one eye is pretty good, and I sniff them out myself.
bungston, Oct 25 2006

       [bungston]- You're not going to rob my house are you? <makes note to self to move diamonds from the cumin jar>
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 25 2006


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