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Dishwasher tuning

Let's finish the era of boring dishwashers
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Every time I prepare the dishwasher to run the same idea comes to my mind: what I would give to have a waterproof camera inside the dishwasher. That way I could see how the water was sprayed, improve the placing of the dishes to maximize the water flow efficiency and experience the soothing rhythm of the cutlery pushed by the water. So, if people tune their cars and computers, why not their dishwashers?

My dishwasher would have the following improvements:
- waterproof camera (up to 4000 fps)
- waterproof projector
- wifi

How would you tune yours?

PauloSargaco, Nov 15 2008

Laundry_20Channel similar? [xenzag, Nov 20 2008]


       My dishwasher is very obliging, but I don't think she'd agree to being fitted with an internal camera.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 15 2008

       Everybody look at [MaxwellBuchanan]'s anno. Line up, clench your fists above your head and as you slowly bend your knees, sing in rythmic unison: How low can you go uhuh how low can you go uhuh how low can you go.
zeno, Nov 16 2008

       [Max], there's this very discreet, professional agency we know about .........
8th of 7, Nov 16 2008

       A dish cam is overkill. A double paned window on the door with a windshield wiper would suffice.
theGem, Nov 16 2008

       up to 4000 fps - My God man, this is not the domestic equivalent to the Large Hadron Collider...
4whom, Nov 16 2008

       ...or you could run a dishwasher simulator on your computer, set up with the exact layout of dirty dishes in your dishwasher.
hippo, Nov 17 2008

       It used to be quite common to see in-store displays of dishwashers with glass or perspex doors.
Still, [+] (and a virtual anno bun to [MB])
coprocephalous, Nov 17 2008

       The reason why I would like a very fast shutter camera is to get those very impressive high precision images of the droplets impacting the dishes.   

       [hippo] Do you know of such a simulator? Anyway nothing like the real deal, don't you think?
PauloSargaco, Nov 20 2008

       [theGem] I thought everything in tuning was overkill. For instance, there's guys who replace every screw in their mountain bikes by neon coloured titanium screws. People tune their desktops with liquid cooling and neon lights everywhere. Overkill is what tuning is all about.
PauloSargaco, Nov 28 2010

       That's "styling" or "personalising", not tuning.   

       Real tuning is getting a piece of equipment absolutely "on the top line". Cosmetic and aesthetic issues are secondary. Chrome tailpipes, decals and paint are not tuning. Tuning is about getting every last Watt of power (or Newton/metre of torque)from the engine. Often as not, there's nothing to see, only to hear.
8th of 7, Nov 28 2010


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