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drinking cups cleaners

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Some people use cups occasionally... Some uses it tad bit too often.

Cleaning unfinished cups is often a bone of contention worthy of an epic battle.

Since washing dishes is usually a once a day affair, cups will often stack up (since people don't always wash up their cups immediately after drinking). This also often requires a massive cupboard of cups.

But these battles can be avoided partially with this device. Instead of stacking up old cups for washing on the washing machine or worse... by hand, maybe have a single device carrying between 1 to 5 cups at most.

The idea is that after usage, you place the cup upside down onto one of cup slots. It will then depending on usage and condition of the cup, either wash it with normal cold water, or give it a good 'boiling' steam pressure wash, which should get rid of most dirt in a typical cup.

These two settings will work for most dirty cups (water, choc drinks, soft drinks), but for later models, an optional detergent could be added perhaps for those super sticky substances that steam pressure washing cannot remove... but then maybe you might as well just actually wash the dammn thing then.

mofosyne, Jul 25 2013

"fresh cup" cup cleaning machine http://www.freshcupwasher.com/
... baked... =.= well.. what about a consumer version then [mofosyne, Jul 25 2013]

Freshcup company background http://www.freshcup...any_background.html
David Zelinker and Avi Kaftzan [pashute, Jul 29 2013]


       Devices like this have been used in bars for cleaning glasses for many years, and are Widely Known To Exist.
8th of 7, Jul 26 2013

       some people think it's normal to wash up after every meal.   

       In fact some people think it's normal to set out clean cups for every fresh pot of beverage.
pocmloc, Jul 27 2013

       1/4 compared to manually, according to the video
Voice, Jul 27 2013

       Out of interest, are other types of cup common where you are?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 27 2013

       Freshcup is an Israeli invention by two guys who had the exact same idea as you did, only they started 20 years ago, in 1993. It took him 5 years to get to market. Surprisingly they were left alone for the longest time, without competition.
pashute, Jul 29 2013


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