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Dispensing drink cooler

Your guests don't have to root around in the ice for a half hour.
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I was at a party this weekend, and it was a royal pain in the ass trying to find a coke in a cooler. I knew that there was some in there, but I had to freeze my hand to reach to the bottom and find it.

Due to this problem that is so common among people using drink coolers, I suggest we get an organized, dispensing cooler. It would look like a normal one that had little rectangle doors people could open. Inside it would have tilted plastic holders for sodas. You could just load up cokes, sprites, beers or whatever is can shape into the holders for easy dispensing. For cooling it would have places to put ice packs near the drinks. Also, the doors would be like whiteboard where you could just write the name of each drink being dispensed and then erase it for the next party.

Ebassick15, May 31 2004

Skybox Personal Beverage Vendor
These are available at major retailers for under $499. Dispenses up to 64 cans or 32 bottles or any combination. Refrigerates without ice packs. Decor packs and beverage cards are easily changed. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]


       In case you were worried about the idiot who would open it and let everything spill out, there would be attachable stoppers that would only allow one drink to come out at a time.
Ebassick15, May 31 2004

       sp: disp...
po, May 31 2004

       I certainly agree that it is the depth of poor manners to chill soda cans simply by dumping them in a bin, dumping ice on top and expecting guests to fish around in the wet, frigid depths for them. Especially when it's a church function and everyone is togged up in their Sunday best.
DrCurry, May 31 2004

       chuck 'em in the lake and make the guests dive for 'em
po, May 31 2004

       An easy way to combat the icy dip is to leave the cooler drain spigot open allowing the water to run off as the ice melts and replenishing the ice as necessary.   

       I don't, however, think that it's the depth of poor manners or anything that horrid. Most folks are willing to trade a cold hand for an icy drink and especially if it is hot out. It is perhaps a bit more considerate if the host uses separate coolers for the class of beverage (alcoholic in one, soft in another, etc.).   

       I saw one of those Skybox dispensers for sale at a Home Depot a year or so ago. They're not to my tastes as decor goes but I can see where if they were available to rent for parties it would be nice for some folks. Now, if they were available in stainless or copper . . .
bristolz, May 31 2004

       Those skybox ones are really damn expensive and you know some drunk guy is going to push the button fifty times to see how fast they can come out. This would only add a few dollars on the price of a regular cooler plus there are no buttons so fewer people are going to screw with it.
Ebassick15, May 31 2004

       Keg. Baked. Smelly fish.
croissantz, Oct 09 2004

       Actually I really like this idea, I could see where opening the cooler drain would work, but then you lose alot of cool water, possibly wasting alot of ice.   

       Those little tray things with handles used in deep fryers for fries and such, would that be an easy, low cost alternative?   

       I don't think a keg makes this idea baked. At all, as they have little to do with: soda, aluminum cans, or coolers.[+]
swimr, Oct 10 2004


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