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Drink Saver

A specially designed vessel that holds sweet delicious juice and water for guzzling on hot days.
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The Drink Saver is a vessel that contains a small amount of juice and a large amount of water. It is designed so that the first taste is of scarce juice, followed by a deluge of plain old cold water.

It is composed of two cylinders. The first cylinder is the main body of the glass. This one is filled with water. The second cylinder is much smaller, about the size of a shot glass, and is attached at the lip of the large cylinder. It has a rubber sealed trap door in the bottom that opens upwardly. Delicious cold juice is first poured into this smaller cylinder. Then cold water is poured into the large cylinder.

The volume of the large cylinder is not great enough to allow the pressure of full capacity to displace the volume of the full small cylinder prematurely opening the trap door, which opens towards the front of the glass. Finally the main clyinder is lifted and tilted towards the mouth, first introducing the sweet delicious juice from the smaller cylinder whetting the palate, then the cold water when the trap door opens.

Another posible model features a third small cylinder at the bottom of the large cylinder with an upwardly opening trap door. When all the water has been drunk this one opens leaving the final taste of juice, however this would be difficult to fill.

*note usefulness for liquor shot with beer chaser.

rcarty, May 26 2013


       Why not just one big container full of juice?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 26 2013

awesomest, May 28 2013

       I think the idea is that you only really taste the juice right when it hits your tongue, and after that you're more enjoying the sensation of a cold liquid, so plain water will do. It's designed to draw out your overall juice-related experience, or (equivalently) to conserve juice.   

       I'm not at all sure I'm on board with the premise, but a bun anyway because I'm considering testing this theory out.
ytk, May 28 2013

       Then the trap door that opens upwards has to open into the mouth and fall against the tongue creating a ramp for the water to flow over maintaining mouth flavor.   

       Why not just one container full of juice, MaxB? Poisonous flavonoids in fruit that evolved defense mechanisms, because they are revolting against domesticity.
rcarty, May 29 2013

       With a large paper coffee cup and a smaller water cooler cone, attach the cone to the the coffee cup with a large plastic coated paperclip, after cutting the bottom off the cone diagonally, throwing that bottom cutting away, and replacing it with a larger cutting from a second cone, and placing it inside the cone inside the paper cup attaching the pointed end of the cutting to the inside of the cone, and filling the cone first with juice, and the cup with water, a prototype drink saver can be produced.
rcarty, May 29 2013

       // Poisonous flavonoids in fruit that evolved defense mechanisms, // That is an excellent answer.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 29 2013

       [+] hear hear. Custom energy drink system. Get as much water as you want to replenish and/or splash on your face without any more blood-sugar-spiking fructose than you need.
FlyingToaster, May 29 2013

       //With a large paper coffee cup and a smaller water cooler cone… a prototype drink saver can be produced.//   

       I'm afraid I'm going to need to see a drawing of this to be able to comprehend it, preferably one showing it in use by a man with a large sack of money and a translucent top hat.
ytk, May 30 2013

       // blood-sugar spiking fructose//   

       It's glucose that spikes blood-sugar. Fructose is processed by the liver to make VLDL (so-called "bad cholesterol").
prufrax, May 30 2013


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