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Disposable Baseball Cap Liners

Why try to wash, when you can just discard the dirty part.
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I don't wear baseball hats - but I notice that the ones my friends wear often get grungy pretty quickly. I heard they are a pain to clean too. I am imagining a liner of some disposable substance in the shape of a baseball cap. It has a velcro-like side that keeps it stuck in the hat, and can be easily removed and discarded.
trekbody, Dec 02 2004

ideal liner for caps http://www.bbc.co.u...notted_hanky170.jpg
[po, Dec 02 2004]

(?) Do-rag http://www.dharmatr...l/eng/3454-AA.shtml
Pass the nails, please [reensure, Dec 03 2004]

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       knotted hanky?
po, Dec 02 2004

       This idea has what it takes.
reensure, Dec 03 2004

       // I heard they are a pain to clean too. //   

       Washing machine works.
waugsqueke, Dec 04 2004

       // Washing machine works. //   

       The 'beak' in mine has a cardboard-like insert which reacts poorly to extensive wetting! [+]
dobtabulous, Dec 06 2004

       Hey that's a great idea.   

       I wear a hat like that at work, and I sweat a lot, so the damn thing gets smelly after a week or so. A liner like this would be relatively simple to make. The part that gets smelly is the band that stretches laterally around your skull, mainly the front part because that's where the material absorbs most of your sweat. So all you would need would probably be a doctor-sholes-style insert that would be moisture absorbant and securely attach to the band around the rim of the hat.
phaseinduction, Mar 11 2007

       Need these for hard hats as well, especially for visitors to a building site.
spiraliii, Mar 11 2007

       Try a paper coffee filter
hippo, Mar 12 2007

       There are plastic cages that clamp around a ball cap and keep its shape in the washer. I've never used one, but I Googled "Ball Cap Buddy" and got lots of hits.   

       I treat the cheap caps as disposable, and the good ones do just fine in the wash.
baconbrain, Mar 12 2007


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