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Drone Parasol

Shade provided without anything messing up your fashion
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For those who just never look good in any hat:

The "Drone Parasol" will follow you around, providing personal protection from sun or rain.


Automatic bluetooth (BLE) pairing with your smartphone, to follow (only) you around.

Automatic sun-angle detection, to position the shade properly.

Adjustable settings for width via an expandable wing.

Adjustable settings for transparency, with angled louvers.

Auto height adjustment (in traffic/crowds)

Roof-mounted docking station on your car to store & charge.

Folds easily to carry into a building.

Extra features?

Personal protection (built in taser shoots in an arc 3 feet in front of you on voice command of "Oh goodness!")

GoPro camera attachment

Antenna for signal boost (get better cell/data reception)

Personalized colors / flair

sophocles, Apr 16 2014

Quadrotorumbrella https://web.archive...umbrella#1297955971
[mitxela, Apr 16 2014]


       [21 quest] Sorry, couldn't find it yet. It could be in my 5 year absence from ~2007-2012. Link it if you find it, & I can delete or add on as appropriate.
sophocles, Apr 16 2014

       [+] With a powerful enough motor, this could also protect you from the wind. With strategic, reactive bits of curtaining, it could even shield you from the usual prying eyes that follow one about out there. With a bit of reflective screen hanging in front of you, you could run a movie through your projector, and have something other than the sea and the trees and all the somewhat naked people to watch.
skoomphemph, Apr 16 2014


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