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Make every room (or office, or car) smell like a garden
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I dunno if this has been baked before...I looked, didn't see it.

Basically, this is a device for those who are tired of smelling foul smells. Are your co-workers overly flatulent? Do you drive through smog-heavy, congested city streets throughout your day? Does your cat's litter box stink up the house? Does your best friend not shower regularly?

Well, this device won't change that. But it will change *your* perception of the offensive odors. This hat contains an air freshener in the bill! It contains a bladder-type reservoir inside the hat, which also serves the dual purpose of providing a comfortable cushion for your head.

The reservoir feeds, through tubes, a AAA battery-powered air freshener in the bill of the hat, which works just like the Glade Mist air freshener, only upside-down. Basically, whenever you turn it on, it puffs a mist of freshener down from the bill of the hat every second, thereby ensuring that every breath you take smells fresh and clean, no matter what your surroundings may be.

21 Quest, Jan 19 2006


       I was in the midst of planning a similar idea in the form of a belt buckle, except that it was to only release a puff of air when pressed, for longevity and so that you don't get the nickname of "the guy that always smells like flowers". There are similar wearable items on the market, but none that I've noticed in hat form.
hidden truths, Jan 19 2006

       My apologies for not specifying the on-off control. I meant that as part of my plan as well. There would indeed be a switch.
21 Quest, Jan 19 2006

       personal air fresheners are ten a penny - hardly an original idea.

       Steeleye Span - oh flaming hell! its in my head...
po, Jan 19 2006

       What I think would be more useful is an air conditioner hat. But FarmerJohn already did that.
DrCurry, Jan 19 2006

       and if the //bladder-type reservoir// broke, how would your face smell?
xandram, Jan 20 2006

       How easy do you think it's going to be to break this thing unless you're trying? It's the same thing used in a Camel-Bak, and I've never heard of one of those things breaking, and Camel-Baks are worn in combat situations.
21 Quest, Jan 20 2006

       Man, my allergies are screaming in agony just THINKING about this thing.
NoOneYouKnow, Jan 20 2006

       Well, a hypo-allergenic version would be available upon request, of course :)
21 Quest, Jan 20 2006


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