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Hat conceals a convenient bag
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Shopping. I really try to remember to bring bags so I don’t have to get another plastic shopping bag. But I forget. So often.

I’m not really a “hat person”, but I suppose I could be persuaded if there was a functional purpose (other than hiding my hair).

This is a diverse range of handsome headwear that, in each case, conceal a handy carrying container. Some models (say a Deerstalker style) fold out into a simple grocery bag, adequate for a pint of milk and a couple of onions.

The more advanced ones (perhaps a classic Victorian stovepipe hat) conceal a compact back-pack of sufficient capacity for several days-worth of groceries.

Frankx, Nov 18 2019

Victorian hat-wearing gentlemen https://www.thevint...16/01/29/48734/amp/
Capacious. And useful [Frankx, Nov 18 2019]


       Sort-of baked, in an informal way - not as a specifically engineered product - and probably not WKTE; certainly not overly publicised by an individual* with a difficult relationship with alcohol (it frequently declined to remain inside his digestive system due to the large amount already in residence ) who mitigated his regurgitatory indiscretions by means of an airline airsickness bag carried in his hat ...   

       Anyway, have a croissant to place in your headwear and carry home ...   

       *now, alas, deceased, from self-inflicted renal damage.
8th of 7, Nov 18 2019

       Thank you [8th]. My sympathy for the loss of a friend.
Frankx, Nov 18 2019

       // I thought Ian Tindale was back //   

       The idea lacks the obligatory [IT] rant about obnoxious commuters, so easy to spot it's not him.
8th of 7, Nov 18 2019


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