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Disposable Cheese Grater

Buy it in bulk, save on cleaning time!
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My desire is a simple one: Cleaning a cheese grater is, quite possibly, one of the most annoying cleaning chores. My solution is equally as simple: Produce an incredibly low- cost cheese grater that could be purchased in bulk and disposed of after use. I think it would be fair to be able to use this utensil to grate most soft cheeses and maybe some of the more forgiving hard ones - this might save on production costs. Any thoughts on the matter are greatly appreciated.
jeresig, Jun 03 2005


       This is not an idea, this is a wish.   

       Choices: don't grate cheese, buy the nasty pre-grated stuff, or buy a plastic grater and leave it soaking in soapy water.   

       //My desire is .. Cleaning a . . cheese grater . .// My desires have nothing to do with cleaning cheese graters.
baconbrain, Jun 03 2005

       could you produce a grater along the lines of a a gentleman's shaving razor - removeable blades that clean with a swipe and replaceable when they dull?
po, Jun 03 2005

       Supermarkets could possibly have industrial-strength cheesegraters by the cash register, so you could buy cheese and grate it yourself before bringing it home.
phundug, Jun 03 2005

       The idea is weak because altering the design of a grater to be disposable is barely inventive. Besides, anything is disposable.   

       Better is an idea that solves the cleaning problem without requiring the disposal of the grater.   

       I've always found graters to be very easy to clean with a brush. I don't buy those pyramid looking ones, though, just the flat ones. I also use a rasp-type grater, especially for hard cheeses like reggiano.
bristolz, Jun 03 2005


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