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Detachable Pepper-Grinder Bottom Funnel

Because, how else do you measure out a half teaspoon of freshly ground pepper?
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Someone on Etsy has made a funnel for pouring whole peppercorns in at the top of the grinder. This is not that.
pertinax, Nov 17 2022

Pepper grinder with transparent lid https://www.tesco.c.../products/257724971
[pocmloc, Nov 17 2022]

Consistent cranking https://www.epicuri...pper-measuring-hack
[mylodon, Nov 17 2022]


       Grinders with lids that catch the grinds are widely available in supermarkets.
pocmloc, Nov 17 2022

       But you can't see when you have enough.
pertinax, Nov 17 2022

       The lid is transparent
pocmloc, Nov 17 2022

       And before you go ranting off about how I am being negative, I will just say that your idea is new novel and worth a savoury peppery bun, but I am just thinking aloud about similar or substitutable products that are readily available.
pocmloc, Nov 17 2022

       What is the thing, that does the measuring? There is detaching. And funnelling. Even purchasing.
mylodon, Nov 17 2022

       We may imagine a teaspoon underneath the funnel. When it's half full, we're ready. Or we may imagine a half-size teaspoon to be completely filled, or a quarter-sized teaspoon to be filled to heaping.
pertinax, Nov 17 2022

       But where does the excess go? If I remove the teaspoon does it all just fall and become a heaping teaspoon?
mylodon, Nov 18 2022

       If you follow the process carefully, you will stop grinding shortly before you remove the teaspoon. Then the teaspoon will carry with it a half-teaspoonful of freshly ground black pepper.   

       Naturally you will have a proper comms strategy in place, and will tag out the grinder to ensure that no-one starts grinding again until the broader process is complete.   

       Please refer to the workplace safety executive for the proper mitigation strategy for the "ground pepper falling from a height" hazard.
pertinax, Nov 18 2022

       My problem is that I often have ten or more people wanting teaspoons at once. So they all start grinding at the same time. And the teaspoon situation is unheard of. It's not a race, it's a catastrophe.   

       But I think now, I can visualize the system clearer[+]. If I simply tie 9 people to the kitchen island and only release 1 to grind pepper at a time, the problem is solved.   

       They did say something about too many cooks.
mylodon, Nov 18 2022

       You could vote one of them off the island. People pay to watch that, apparently.
pertinax, Nov 18 2022

       Smart cooks measure ground pepper according to the time of grinding. My best meals have no less than 30 seconds of pepper grinding. That way there's no problem with converting between measuring systems: teaspoon vrs imperial, apothecary avoirdupois and metric systems.   

       Time measurement is universal in all civilized societies. Isn't that amazing. Time must be incorporated in our DNA.
el dueno, Nov 19 2022

       But how much time do you waste grinding thyme?
a1, Nov 19 2022

       Heh, read a thing the other day.   

       "I switched all of the spices in my mom's spice rack around. She doesn't know it yet, but thymes uh cumin."   

       I'm liking this.   

       Long ago, in a village not far from here, I once thought why can't I keep the pepper I'm grinding on my yummy egg from falling on my bacon? Peppery bacon is not my thing. Or ham for that matter.   

       So a huge + and a bun, and a big turkey if that's your thing, and love all around.
blissmiss, Nov 23 2022

       + This made me think that I have never measured pepper, so maybe I should try that.
xandram, Nov 23 2022


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