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dishwashing bags

Do the dishes without getting your hands wet and greasy
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I know I'm not the last person in the civilized world without a dishwasher, and I hate doing them by hand. For those of us still in the Middle Ages, I suggest the use of a new super strong plastic bag in which to soak the dishes . It zips shut, and a valve allows the injection of hot water. Jiggle the dishes around and they're clean (or cleaner) and no wet and greasy hands. Open the valve and shoot a jet of dirty water down the drain. Refill to rinse. Voila! Your dishes are at least as clean as your clothes. Don't even have to get the sink wet. Hardly.
Rm Brz, Feb 27 2006

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I think making the whole thing a bag is a considerable improvement. [DrCurry, Feb 27 2006]


       "Jiggle the dishes around" [smash] [shatter] [tinkle]
DrCurry, Feb 27 2006

       To Bigsleep: The question is- how clean are your clean clothes? The connection between this and your clothes washer should be apparent. Fill, jiggle, rinse, dry, wear. Unless of course you run your clothes washer through the rinse cycle ten times. But nothing is stopping you from multiple rinses here either. Matter of fact, the number of rinses is up to you; unlike like the automated cycles we have to accept from the clothes washer manufacturers!
Rm Brz, Feb 27 2006


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