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Dissolvable Contact Lens

Sleep with your contacts in!
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How about contacts with some sort of design so that if your eyes are closed for more than a defined length of time (say 2 hours, for example), your contacts dissolve into some sort of watery solution that can be absorbed by your eyes?

This way, you don't have to worry about taking them out, cleaning, or disposal.

lewarcher, Sep 15 2001


       I think that this is a great idea. I've only been put off getting contact lenses because I know that I will fall alseep when I'm drunk and never be able to open my eyes again. I know that you can get lenses that you can keep in while you sleep, but this idea also means that there is no wastage. Perhaps they could form into some kind of liquid that prevents bags from forming or moisturises to prevent crowsfeet?
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 15 2001

       The cleaning issue is taken care of by disposable contacts. If you're too lazy to remove and dispose of them (or too drunk like [Miss Smith]) you might have other problems.   

       I want a *permanent* contact lens.
phoenix, Sep 16 2001

       These lenses would have to gradually dissolve, right? I can't imagine they would be programmed to suddenly reduce into a blob in exactly 120 minutes. So, wouldn't the lenses slowly go out of focus every time you blink?
sdm, Sep 16 2001

       ...So if you fall asleep at the wheel when you wake up the entire road is blurry....including that schoolbus in front of y----SCREEEEEEEEECH........WHAM!!!!!!.
binkley, Sep 05 2002

       oh, come on. If you fall asleep on the road and crash, you can hardly blame your contacts for making you an irresponsible moron.
yamahito, Sep 05 2002

       Contacts are dissolvable; just depends on the solvent.
bristolz, Sep 05 2002

       Urban Legend has it some that folks used to put the 'window pane' form of lysergic acid diethylamide on the eyeball, where it would dissolve and be absorbed.
ty6, Sep 05 2002

       Is this a WIBNI?   

       And what happens if you're meditating (with your eyes closed) for extended periods? Then you open them again and can't read your bible/other religious book.
NickTheGreat, Sep 05 2002

       Dissolving contact lenses do exist: They have a non-soluble coating, which degrades over time, and a soluble lense. They last for +/- 3 months, then dissolve in a few minutes. No links, but they cost more than normal lenses (i.e. non-disposable!!!!)
weevil, Apr 07 2003

       What if you end up taking a nap during the middle of the day when you're nowhere near a bottle of saline solution and lens holders? I wouldn't want to doze off on the airplane and wake up halfway around the world not being able to see a thing.
MrJustin, Apr 24 2003


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