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Edible Contact Lenses

Daily disposable edible contact lenses
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I wear daily disposable contact lenses and at the end of the day, it would be really convenient if I could take them out and pop them in my mouth, knowing I'm getting a healthy vitamin boost.

Think of the landfill savings. I'm sure it's possible and you could even flavour them.

andy, Dec 04 2000


redshift9, Dec 04 2000

iuvare, Dec 04 2000

       Well, if they were hygroscopic, they'd at least water your eyes enough to make you think twice before eating them -- like onions.
reensure, Dec 05 2000

       I swallowed one one time. Don't ask.
dley, Dec 05 2000

       My Graddaughter ate one of her mother's contacts-- eighty bucks later...! It would be better it they were made to taste nasty.
Jonathan, Dec 06 2000

       I don't know that I would want to put something in my mouth that had been in my eye... i mean, it's all gooey and there's that crust in the corners in the morning. Even thinking about it, I have to suppress the gag reflex
greensroom2, Dec 06 2000

       The color could indicate the flavor. Like skittles.
sseefeldt, Dec 06 2000

       I once slept over at a friend's and forgot to bring solution for my disposibles. I put my contacts in two glasses of water overnight. In the morning she was thirsty and drank one of them. She is still alive, so I believe they technically are edible. Plus, if you don't clean them that often they are like a protein supplement.
xrayTed, Dec 08 2000

       Feast for the eyes
thumbwax, Dec 08 2000

       Less tasty than molluscs, but equally less likely to cause allergic reactions. Nutition : minimal In short : another example of the pointlessness of nouvelle cuisine.
frogge, Sep 14 2001

phoenix, Sep 14 2001

       you might never have found it otherwise. funny old world.
po, May 05 2003

       The flavoring would would sting your eyes. Not to mention...WHAT KIND OF MORON ARE YOU?!
koolcj291, Jan 22 2004


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