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Eye Pools Contact Lenses

Lenses simulate pupil dilation to enhance attractiveness.
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It's a demonstrable fact that facial photos with larger, airbrushed-in pupils are consistently chosen as "more attractive," by both males and females, than the same photos with smaller, natural pupils. I have a Xerox of this paper around somewhere if anybody actually wants the reference.

So the idea is to make contacts which either cause the pupil to dilate naturally or simulate that event. In the first case, simply darkening the lens uniformly will reduce the amount of light reaching the eye and cause the pupil to dilate naturally. In the second case, a large, dark pupil is actually "painted on" the lens so that it doesn't matter how dilated the actual pupil is.

In practice, my intuition is that a combination approach, which relies partly on natural pupil dilation and partly on simulation, would work best. Perhaps a radial gradient, with the center of the lens darkest and the edges optically clear, would best achieve the desired effect.

iamanangelchaser, Dec 21 2006

http://www.findcont..._contact_lenses.php [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 21 2006]


       Would this not block the vision of the person wearing the lens?
Chefboyrbored, Dec 21 2006

       Taking your pick. [link]   

       But... umm, I believe I have a paper here somewhere that states that people looking at attractive photographs consistently dialate their eyes. This technique will not only make others appear more attractive, it will also make them appear attracted to whoever they are looking at. Messing with these subtle cues may lead to some serious fashion, and social mistakes, on a par with those caused by shaved body hair and child beauty pageants.   

       Oh, what the heck.
ye_river_xiv, Dec 21 2006

       awesome link [2 fries], I'd like some Predator eyes!
xandram, Dec 21 2006

       2 fries, I'm certainly aware of the existence of novelty contact lenses. I would note that none of those you link to matches the idea I propose, which is to dilate the wearer's eyes *without* giving the appearance of artificial lenses. While aces of spades in the pupils are certainly amusing, it's not at all what I was going for. Your link only demonstrates that the technology I need is already in existence. After all, there's sound research to indicate that people with dilated pupils are more attractive. I doubt there is equivalent research for yellow snake eyes.   

       And chef, the short answer is, "no." The lens is nowhere completely opaque; at its darkest it might be equivalent to sunglasses lenses. You might review 2 fries link to see just what kind of ridiculous nonsense you can print on a contact lens without appreciably disturbing the wearer's vision.   

       Ye, the consequences are yet to be determined. In the meantime, think of the $MONEY$! Unlike most beauty aids on the market today, and on which the physically insecure spend umpty-millions annually, this one actually has sound scientific research to back up its claims.
iamanangelchaser, Dec 22 2006

       There's a lot more sound scientific research that backs up the claim that smooth skin, large breasts, large hips, and a narrow waist make women more attractive... in my humble opinion... without making the women look attracted to anyone in particular.
ye_river_xiv, Dec 24 2006


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