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Distinct flashing patterns for turn signals & hazard lights

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All cars I've seen have the same pattern for both turn signals and hazard lights: 1-2-1-2, or on-off-on-off. The problem is when a vehicle is on the side of the road, the far side is often obscured by another vehicle, signage, shrubbery... making it impossible to tell if the hazards are on, or if the driver is signaling their intention to merge back into traffic.

This is why we need distinct patterns for each state. Keep the existing pattern for turn signals. Use a 1-2-3-1-2-3 pattern for hazards: on-on-off-on-on-off...

davidc, Sep 11 2008


       How exactly does an 'on-on-off' work? Surely the first two 'ons' need to be punctuated by an 'off' in the middle, therefore becoming an 'on-off-on-off', remarkably similar to a commonly-used sequence, 'on-off-on.... et al'?
Mister Sketchly, Sep 11 2008

       You got soft then did you [UB]? Never thought I'd liveto see the day.
zeno, Sep 12 2008

       Old lion lost teeth?
neelandan, Sep 12 2008

       What if the idea was for morse code hazard lights: on-on-off would be a bar, on-off would be a dot. You could tell people what exactly was wrong. Hmm? mfd?
daseva, Sep 12 2008

       Mister Sketchly: Yes, I suppose my nomenclature wasn't the best. Technically I suppose the hazards should be on-off-on-off-off-off... Maybe a better analogy is music notation, where standard turn signals are on 1 and 3 in 4/4 time, and hazards are on 1 and 2 in 3/4 time.
davidc, Sep 14 2008


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