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Multiple lights to distinguish turn and hazard

Each turn light to be replaced by multiple (2 or 3) so that turn and hazard can be distinguished
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The problem: if only lights on one side of vehicle can be seen (for example if other side is obscured by other vehicles, as when parked or in a queue), then hazard (all indicator lights flashing) cannot be distinguished from turn.

Double light solution:

- Each light is replaced by 2 lights, one above the other, with enough gap so that they are seen as separate in difficult visibility situations.

- For turn: both lights flash at the same time, and it looks similar to existing turn indication.

- For hazard: top & bottom alternate.

This still leaves some ambiguity: this turn indication could still be a vehicle that has lots of (existing style) indicator lights and is signaling hazard.

Triple light solution:

- Each existing indicator is replaced by 3 lights.

This gives enough combinations to have a new-style turn, and a new-style hazard which are distinct from each-other, and from existing-style hazard and turn signals.

For example - with lights in a vertical line:

- Turn: top + bottom, alternating with middle.

- Hazard: one light on at a time, running up and down the three.

I think these would be quick to remember how to recognise.

By the way, I tried to do some research to see if anyone was doing anything about this and did not find anything.

I asked on Yahoo Answers to see if anyone knew of anyone working on the problem, but they could not see what the problem was - they just thought there was no problem, or answered in terms of existing lights. See: link or go via Cars & Transportation > Safety >

Frank3, Mar 09 2009

Question in Yahoo Answers http://uk.answers.y...090309132331AALklPq
Hazard light / turn indicator confusion - in Yahoo Answers [Frank3, Mar 09 2009]




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