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Head Motion Turn Signal

Look to the left, the left signal activates.
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Almost everyone looks to the side before they change direction when driving. Often, the lane change ensues without a signal. This device senses the sideways movement (or even eye tracking of eye motion to the side) and activates the appropriate turn signal.
molecat, Feb 04 2007


       Checking the wing mirrors is going to confuse the shit out of people.
hidden truths, Feb 04 2007

       But when do you check the wing mirrors? Exactly, just before you change lanes.
phundug, Feb 04 2007

       Perhaps an "intent to turn signal?" Perhaps half as bright?
molecat, Feb 04 2007

       You should be checking your side mirrors regularly, to know what's around you, and just in case.   

       But you could build a motion sensor into the cell-phone earpiece that everyone seems to be wearing, Bluetooth it to the car, and program it all to remember the motion of each driver's particular lane-checking, along with an approving nod or rejecting headshake, or whatever the driver does/wants.   

       This reminds me of riding the front seat of a tandem bicycle and asking the person on the back to signal for turns. I often said the wrong direction, for some reason, so I always had to tip my head in the direction that I really wanted.
baconbrain, Feb 04 2007


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