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Doctor Font

Looks like doctors' handwriting.
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So doctors can type illegibly.
miggavin, Dec 13 2016

relevant Engineer_20style_20...ing_20for_20doctors
[calum, Dec 15 2016]

http://www.yourfonts.com Your handwriting as a font service [xenzag, Dec 15 2016]


       This is brilliant!
whatrock, Dec 13 2016

       At least the pharmacist will have a slightly better guess as to the number of letters in the unknown drug's name.   

       And for Doctors of Philosophy: A font that only allows you to type words of three syllables of more. So they can be legible, but still obtuse and hard to understand.
popbottle, Dec 13 2016

       Love, love, love. +++++
blissmiss, Dec 14 2016

       I have a font called Duchamp which is based on the great man's handwriting. It's barely legible. I love it, and use it often. When people complain, I refer them to the estate of Marcel Duchamp for access to their (non-existent of course) translation service.
xenzag, Dec 15 2016

       Do good handwriting fonts exist? Surely the software would have to take into account the adjacent letters, since a given character is written differently depending on its neighbours.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 15 2016

       You can make your own font with comparative ease. There are also websites where uploaded scans of your handwriting will be returned to you as a fully functioning font.
xenzag, Dec 15 2016


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