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computer paper

being slightly shortsighted, a lousy typsit, a perfectionist, an all round awkward bleeder - this opaque paper goes over the screen complete with the words I want to type and thus negating the need to keep looking from paper to screen to keyboard to paper to screen to
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Its the above kind of paper with handwritten or typed or photocopied text on an opaque material which will stick to the screen and save my neck from aching. sorry transparent - its been a long day
po, Nov 06 2001

Electronic reusable paper was developed at the renowned Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and is supported by a portfolio of Xerox patents. http://www.gyriconm.../press/20001206.asp
Wouldn't this be a lot easier? [LoriZ, Nov 06 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       If you're talking about transcribing text onto your screen, get one of those things secretaries use - a kind of stand next to the monitor that holds up the paper from which you're transcribing. Practice will improve your typing skills. Please practice elsewhere, though.
snarfyguy, Nov 06 2001

       So instead of looking between a piece of paper on the desk and the keyboard you look between a piece of paper on the screen and the keyboard? Hmm. Why do you need to look at the screen? To make sure that the keys that you hit are working properly?
angel, Nov 07 2001

       You could scan it and print it on OHP transparency film, and affix that to your screen (since you're not OCRing the text that *would* work with hand-writing). In the old days before scanners were common, I heard of people tracing designs onto polythene bags and then sticking them to the screen to copy them, but that would be horrible for text. You could also write directly onto clear plastic such as OHP film.   

       Another idea would be to use the natural reflectivity of the screen: light the document brightly and have a black background on-screen. The image of the text would be reversed, so you'd need a mirror to get it the right way round, but with a little adjustment, and some experimentation with positioning, you might see the page reflected on screen. I still don't see exactly what you want, though.   

       (OHP=overhead projector, OCR=optical character recognition)
pottedstu, Nov 07 2001

       angel - yes I do like to keep an eye on the screen there is nothing so irritating as to find you have typed the last 3 pages in upper case
po, Nov 07 2001

       [po]: block the text and ctrl F3 (or one of those) changes case. I think ctrl F3 is WordPerfect, but MS word has the same function somewhere.
snarfyguy, Nov 09 2001

       some of this transparent computer paper with all these shortcuts printed on them would be handy   

       thank you snarfyguy
po, Nov 10 2001


       I read tft computer screens that had a seeing dot with every emitting dot It would be a nifty benefit to tablet computers if you could just put a piece of paper on the screen then get a nstant OCR typed document from it   

       Id guess the iPad will just have its camera look at a piece of paper then OCR it right now or this month though
beanangel, Jul 01 2010


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